Top 10 Best Marvel Minecraft Skins

Assemble your collection of skins for Minecraft.

Image created using Skins from SkinDex.

Image via SkinDex.

If there’s one thing that Minecraft skins are, it’s flexible. Whether you want to represent your favorite franchise or mimic a character that looks cool, there are plenty of Minecraft designs to look forward to when switching it up. Getting a new skin is as easy as browsing the internet; gone are any days of complex processes required for getting a custom skin into the game. In the modern day, you can easily upload any skin to Minecraft, almost any version. If you like Marvel, we have a great selection of skins for you to choose from to have a better time with in-game.

10. Spider-Man

Skin by The BatGuy on SkinDex

When it comes to Marvel, Spider-Man is practically essential. It wouldn’t be the same without him on the list, and for good reason. Spider-Man looks good and iconic practically everywhere, including in Minecraft. Design-wise, he translates over pretty well, matching any cartoon backdrop no matter what server you decide to join. Even if you’re wandering about in your own private world, Spider-Man is still a great, colorful skin to have that splashes a bit of color on the green landscape. However, remember that if you’re playing with others, you’ll be a bit easier to see than most, considering you’re red and blue. But if there’s no need to hide, then display those pretty colors all you want.

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9. Thor Odinson

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

The original Thor look is excellent for Minecraft, especially if you’re playing in something like Creative mode. Flying about as the god of lightning can really enhance the effect, especially for friends who may or may not be running away from you. While there is no hammer in Minecraft, there is a trident, which is kind of close enough. It’s a shame we aren’t covering DC skins; Aquaman would fit right in. Maybe next time! Either way, this skin holds up to the design of the original Marvel pitch for Thor, not his later rendition or any other version that’s come up since the early 2000s. If you want those other versions of Thor, you’re sure to find them somewhere in SkinDex.

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8. The Hulk

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

Trouncing around as the Jolly Green Giant himself is good fun in Minecraft. There are plenty of Hulk skins in SkinDex, but this one is one of the most detailed. Everything from the skin to the pants has differential shading so that no one part looks too plain or simple. Even his eyes have the detail that they’re green in there, making it one of the best Hulk skins on SkinDex. Be warned, though, since he’s green, you may not stick out very much with the background of green all over the place in Minecraft. (Unless you wander to an alternative biome, that is.)

7. Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

Steve Rogers is a great choice for anyone who enjoys the USA-themed hero. The skin we feature looks just like his initial conception, the one popularized by the first Captain America movie. Featuring the brown belt and gloves, this Captain America is more akin to his initial design before he became the proper hero later on. The skin is detailed, right down to the strap that you see under the model’s chin. The colors are also on point, sporting a faded blue that looks even more faded on the back.

6. Bruce Banner

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

If you’d rather have the intelligent guy instead of the Hulk, you could always try being Bruce Banner for a change. The skin depicts Bruce as he appeared in the Avengers film, with his kakis and purple shirt. The skin is pretty detailed, with different shadings around his pants and shirt, so not everything is one color. His hair is detailed, waving in on one side more than the other. He even has his glasses! If there’s a Minecraft server you’re hoping to join that requires detailed character skins for roleplay events, this one is a good choice if you’re trying to be Bruce.

5. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

It wouldn’t be a list of Marvel heroes without Iron Man. He comes in true form through this skin, sporting the Iron Man suit in all its detail and color. There’s shading throughout so that, unlike some skins, the costume is detailed like the rest of the world. The Iron Man skin for Tony Stark looks just like the suit you know and love, so if you desire to fly around in Creative Mode, you can also look the part.

4. Peter Parker

Skin by PetertheSpidey on SkinDex

In case Spider-Man isn’t good enough for you, there are also a few skins for Peter Parker on SkinDex. Specifically, the Peter Parker you know from the first set of movies. As the Skin title on SkinDex states, this one is from Spider-Man 2. He has a brown jacket, grey shirt, some jeans, and the same general look as the actor you know from the movie. While he might be easily mistaken for just an average guy, he’s great if you need a rotation of Marvel characters for your Minecraft skins.

3. Black Widow

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

Black Widow is another skin available on SkinDex for Minecraft. Natasha Romanoff has her classic suit as she appears most popular in the comics. Complete with the full black suit and red accents; this skin is accurate even just beyond the suit. She has green eyes and red hair, all of which match her character in the canon version. If you need more characters that look a little more like people instead of a suit or a masked avatar, this one’s perfect.

2. Hawkeye

Skin by AngryPuppy22 on SkinDex

Another character that looks soundly like their counterpart, the Hawkeye skin, is straight from the first installment of The Avengers. Even the skin on this Hawkeye is accurate, being tan and having the right eye color and hair color. He has clearly marked out gloves and zippers, even having the nice noticeable detail of segments in his clothes and a belt. If you’re in the market for some detailed skins, this one is a pretty big contender.

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1. Vision

Skin by RedFoxLightning on SkinDex

Ever want to fly around a Minecraft world as a demigod? He might not actually be a demigod, but for all of Vision’s abilities, he might as well be. This skin for Vision follows the one you know from the movie, with his burgundy skin and mostly green suit. The shading on his cape is great, making it look like a cape that’s properly on his back, with a tie-in on the front.