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Minecraft: Top 10 Best Pokemon Skins

Gotta download em all!

Minecraft skins come in all sorts of pixels and presentations, from the silly to the serious. Whether you want to fight the hordes as a Pokemon from your party or as the trainer you always wanted to be, there are skins out there for virtually everything you can think of. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best skins you can be in Minecraft, all following the theme of Pokemon.

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10. Magnemite

Image from The SkinDex

If you have a desire to float around and go BZZT BZZT instead of actually talking to your friends on the server, this skin is great for that. Because of its transparency, all you’ll see is a floating little Magnemite where your head is supposed to be. This simple skin is fun and well-designed with the shading, albeit small.

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9. Melmetal

Image from The SkinDex

Melmetal, aka the Pokemon everyone had a tough time getting in Pokemon Go and otherwise, makes for a great Minecraft skin. While he isn’t naturally the blockiest guy around, Melmetal still translates pretty well over the Minecraft scene. If you want to look big and imposing, try this skin out; you’ll look something akin to a Golem, although not as large by the pixel.

8. Pikachu

Image from The SkinDex

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon list involving cosmetics if it didn’t involve the mascot, now would it? Pikachu is a necessity, so if you aren’t tired of seeing him in advertisements, try playing as him in Minecraft. If you don’t like this one, this is a particular case where you can find whatever design of the mouse tickles your fancy. However, this one is simple, and sometimes simple is the most effective.

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7. Blastoise

Image from The SkinDex

This Blastoise is particularly detailed for a Pokemon skin. If you’re into the idea of adventuring throughout your Minecraft world with a relatively detailed skin for a popular starter, this one is as good as any. It even has some detail on the sides of the shell emphasizing Blastoise’s guns. What makes this skin nice is that it manages to be cute and detailed simultaneously, and the color palette itself is also on point.

6. May

Image from The SkinDex

Now we’re moving on to the trainers in the list, starting with one of the most popular: May. If you want to pretend the sea and landscapes of Minecraft are the routes of the Hoenn region, this trainer skin does a great job of integrating May’s design into the Minecraft world. Her clothes and hair, everything right down to the socks and hat, all have excellent pixel shading.

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5. Brendan

Image from The SkinDex

Brendan is the other half to this Hoenn equation, sporting the same design that you get when you choose to be a boy in Pokemon’s third-gen. Similar to May in terms of detail, this rendition of Brendan comes with everything: the backpack, the gloves, and even the nice little detail that you can see Brendan’s fingers in the fingerless fits.

4. Red

Image from The SkinDex

If you want the classic Pokemon trainer look, why not play Minecraft as Red? This skin for Red comes with everything you need to look just like him, from his trainer jacket and hat to the backpack he wears on the back. Its shading is great, with impressive pixelated detail all around.

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3. Juliana (Pokemon Scarlet Uniform)

Image from The SkinDex

If you just got done playing Pokemon Scarlet or are starting your playthrough for the first time, you may like this one. The female trainer in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Juliana, translates well to a Minecraft skin. Right down to her braid, the uniform’s style, and even its coloration, this Minecraft skin stands up to what Scarlet put out.

2. Buff Wooper

Image from The SkinDex

Who doesn’t want to run around with that smile on their face? Funny skins in Minecraft make the realm go round, so too shall this Buff Wooper if you let him join in on your fun. Silly skins are great to have, especially if you’re one to change your skin often. When it comes to Pokemon skins, Wooper’s always a great choice if you’re in the mood to be silly. Or just really love Wooper like I do.

1. Bellsprout

Image from The SkinDex

If silly is what you’re going for, look no further than one of the most popular Pokemon skins on the entire SkinDex board: Bellsprout. Whoever made this one must have loved Bellsprout Tower. It’s goofy, simple, and sticks out compared to the green landscape, so it’s easy to find no matter what mode you’re playing. Because there are no lines differentiating the legs, it looks an awful lot like its third evolution rather than the first when you’re standing still.

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