Best Minecraft Anarchy Servers

Welcome to a world without rules.

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Sometimes, it just feels good to break the rules. Or better yet, to not have any rules at all. This is why Anarchy servers are so popular on Minecraft; they give you a world to play in where you don’t have to worry about following or breaking the rules. You can do what you want, when you want, and just live with those consequences.

There are plenty of Anarchy servers for you to choose from, and we have the best ones right here. What makes these the best ones, in our eyes, is how popular they are, how many game modes you can play in them. To us, a solid community and a variety of things to do are what make these servers great.

10. YomNetwork

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While hosting a few game modes, including a newer Warzone mode based on the popular Call of Duty battle royale, but it’s best known for its InfectedRPG DayZ mode, where you fight to survive against zombies and other players in a world where anything can happen, and you can make the decisions for yourself.

9. Moocraft

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Once you get past the pretty funny name (are we the only ones laughing?), you’ll see that Moocraft is a great server for anyone looking for a more free experience in Minecraft. It is designed to allow griefing and other anarchy staples, just with the one rule of no hacking. Which, honestly, is pretty fair.

8. Purity Vanilla

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This server gives you exactly what its name would lead you to suspect: a completely rule-free experience in vanilla Minecraft. No special game modes, no unique systems or items, just the classic Minecraft experience without anything holding you back.

7. Newwind

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Just like Purity Vanilla, this server isn’t aiming to bring you some grandiose, special kind of experience. It just wants to give you a typical Minecraft game experience, focusing on PvP and no rules to follow. They just don’t allow any hacking or exploits to help you gain an edge.

6. Bionic PvP Network

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This server is geared towards the more competitive players who want to boost their skills at PvP. You can uncover plenty of items, crates, perks, and more that will help you climb the leaderboards faster. All while not forcing you to play by any specific set of rules.

5. MineLatino

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It’s an Anarchy server based out of Mexico for any Latino, Latina, or Latinx players out there. It comes with many game modes for you to jump into, including those with Anarchy rules (or lackthereof) applied.

4. MineWind

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MineWind is all about giving you the pure, survival experience in Minecraft without any rules to follow. The thing that stands apart for the server is building an end-game that is meant to have a lot of great things for you to do once you have reached that point.

3. MineTime

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If you really want absolute freedom in your Anarchy experience, then MineTime is a great choice to go for. It allows for literally everything and even allows hacking and mods. It truly is open-ended for you to come in and reap chaos or just try to survive others doing the same.

2. Cosmic Craft

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A server that is jam-packed with game modes for you to play, including Anarchy. So if you have had your fill of playing without any rules or have just had enough of other players griefing you, you can hop into some other games to get a break from it.

1. Mineland

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Mineland offers the best experience for a few reasons: there are always a ton of players on to interact with, there are so many different games and modes that you can play, it is consistently updated and moderated, and it runs so well. If you’re looking for what we believe to be the best experience in Anarchy, this is the server for you.