Top 10 Best Minecraft Jungle Biome Seeds

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Image via Mojang

Jungles in Minecraft offer a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience. They are popular biomes known for their dense environment and valuable resources. I have personally compiled a list of the best Minecraft jungle biome seeds that work for both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.

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Best Jungle MC Seeds

Seed 3255211245715177001

We all know that coming across Temples is quite rare in most Minecraft worlds, but this seed features a Jungle Temple very close to the player’s spawn location. That’s not all, as there is an Outpost Village close by as well, making this a very interesting seed for a jungle playthrough. 

Seed 2560990829508467737

For some contrasting gameplay, give this world seed a try. This seed features plentiful bamboo jungles alternating with dry badlands, and even a crater for you to explore. These two predominant biomes will give you plenty of opportunities for variety in both builds and exploration.

Seed 7777777777988733304

This is a super fun world seed for all pirate enthusiasts out there. Located around the world oceans are a variety of jungle islands, many of which contain shipwrecks that you can farm and explore. Close to the spawning point is also a Ruined Gateway, while caves under the seas provide a connected network for the dungeon-minded.

Seed 573398763507649

Sprawling jungles that hide various temples dot this world seed. This seed has almost the largest amount of jungles that we’ve found, and even when you manage to leave the deep green, you’ll end up in woodlands for more of the same. If you can’t get enough trees, this is the perfect seed for you.

Seed 2846244733539626719

We mentioned in the previous seed above that there are almost the most jungles in that seed. Well, this is the seed that has to hold the title for the most jungles available. For as far as the eye can see, there is green and even more green. Even on the scarce plains biomes, the bamboo forests encroach to remind everyone that this world belongs to the jungle.

Seed 120637665933994616

This seed contains many bamboo and jungle islands separated by stretches of seawater. The islands themselves are small, so finding all the resources you need is a challenge. That’s why this seed is a good fit for those who are looking for survival gameplay set on jungle islands.

Seed 6183197716435151550

One of the most interesting parts of Minecraft’s worldbuilding is when biomes interact and underlay each other. This is the case with this fun seed, in which jungles interact with badlands, deserts, mangroves, and savannahs, to name just a few. Moreover, even the snowy poles of this world interact with nearby biomes, creating some very unique environments. 

Seed 4923725547689910475

This seed has one of the most interesting spawning locations that we have seen. You start inside a jungle ringed with mountains, which are in turn ringed by even more jungle. You can let your imagination run wild and build some sort of hidden stronghold inside the rocky ring. Or, you can venture forth in search of hidden villages and outposts.

Seed -228061963

You spawn on a large landmass that is entirely covered by jungles. There are sandy beaches and oceans on all sides, and it is up to you if you want to persist and live as the king of the jungle or set off across the water in search of other opportunities.

Seed 61745200092846642

Perfect for the Indiana Jones roleplaying playthroughs, this seed starts you off in the middle of the jungle, with many cave entrances hidden away for exploration. That’s not all — there are jungle temples, the Woodland Mansion, rivers, lush caves, and to top it all off, the mineshaft entrance to the Ancient City. An embarrassment of riches if you love adventuring in Minecraft.