Best Minecraft Mods For Animal Lovers

Animals everyhwere.

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While the world of Minecraft is vast and full of opportunities, sometimes it’s not enough to satisfy the wits. Fortunately, the game allows players to modify and customize their gaming experience using mods. Additionally, if you’re an animal lover and enjoy playing Minecraft, several mods enhance the game with animals and related features. Here are the 10 best Minecraft mods for animal lovers that are sure to spice up the game.

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Animania Base is a mod that revamps the vanilla animal breeding system in Minecraft. It introduces realistic animal behaviors, different breeds, genders, and growth stages for animals. This mod is perfect for players who want a more lifelike and interactive animal experience.

Aquaculture 2

While not focused on land animals, Aquaculture 2 is a mod that enhances the fishing experience in Minecraft. It introduces a variety of new fish, fishing tools, and fishing-related content, making the aquatic aspect of the game more engaging.

Bee Better At Beeing

This mod focuses on improving and expanding the beekeeping aspect of Minecraft. It enhances the behavior and functionality of bees, providing a more in-depth beekeeping experience for players who love these pollinators.

Better Animals Plus

Better Animals Plus is a mod that enhances the existing animal mobs in Minecraft, improving their models, textures, and behaviors. It adds various animals like deer, bears, birds, and more, making the game world feel more alive and diverse.

Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents is a mod focused on improving the functionality and interactions with wolves (dogs) in the game. It introduces a talent system, making your pet dog more versatile and helpful in different situations.

Jurassicraft 2

If you’ve ever dreamt of walking with dinosaurs, Jurassicraft 2 is the mod for you. This mod brings the prehistoric era to life in Minecraft, allowing you to explore and interact with a wide range of dinosaurs. From the gentle herbivores to the mighty carnivores, you can study, tame, and even create your own dinosaur park, reminiscent of the Jurassic Park franchise. It’s a thrilling mod that caters to dinosaur enthusiasts and animal lovers alike, taking you on a journey through a time when giant reptiles roamed the Earth.

Mo’ Creatures

Mo’ Creatures is a well-known mod that adds a variety of new creatures and animals to the game, including horses, dolphins, elephants, birds, and more. It enhances the animal diversity in Minecraft and provides a more immersive experience for animal enthusiasts.


PrimalCore is a mod that introduces a variety of primitive survival mechanics to Minecraft. While not solely focused on animals, it significantly enhances the game’s wildlife experience. It includes features like a realistic animal growth system, wildlife spawning, hunting, and more. Players can interact with animals for survival purposes, making it an intriguing choice for those seeking a primal and immersive animal-related gameplay.

Tamable Pet Mod

The Tamable Pet Mod allows players to tame and befriend various creatures in Minecraft, turning them into loyal pets. You can tame animals like wolves, ocelots, and rabbits, and they’ll follow and assist you on your adventures.

Zoo and Wild Animals Mod (ZAWA)

The Zoo and Wild Animals Mod adds a wide range of wild animals to the game, including big cats, bears, elephants, crocodiles, and more. It allows you to create your own zoo or encounter these creatures in their natural habitats.