Best Minecraft Mods For Animal Lovers

Transform your Minecraft world into an animal lover’s paradise! Explore the best mods that bring a diverse range of creatures and pets to your gameplay.

While Minecraft has a lot of animals and mobs to contend and work with, it always seems like modders are one step ahead of the game. In most cases, they are adding everything from extinct animals to bigger, more deadly beasts that developer Mojang simply hasn’t coded in yet. Before we officially had bees, there were fantastic bee mods out there to satisfy fans. If you have a favorite animal or perhaps a dog or cat breed that you want to see in the game, we have a list of reliable mods for you to try out for size.

10. Animal Crops

Image via Animal Crops

It’s a little weird, but what set of Minecraft mods isn’t? In the Animal Crops mod, you can grow your animals just like you grow anything else in-game. This applies to anything, whether it be cows, chickens, or sheep. It’s definitely a unique mod that can change your gameplay; since you don’t need to go looking around for animals, you can have a farm in no time if you just grow them yourself.

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9. Rats

Image via Rats mod page

There may be plenty of creatures in Minecraft in the modern day, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting more friendly faces around. Rats are a prime example because if we have cats, why not rats too? These rats are well designed, integrating into the Minecraft design quite nicely. They can also assist in combat or in gathering crops, making them an animal companion that fits right in.

8. Chicken Improvements

Image via Chickens mod page

If you’ve ever wanted your chickens to be more useful, this mod adds a few features to them. You can get chickens that lay practically anything you want. From gunpowder to gold, you can edit what a chicken provides for you with a simple setting change. If you want your resources to be a little unrealistic but a whole lot funnier, this mod is perfect.

7. Doggy Talents

Image via Doggy Talents

Having a few more features on your canine companions can always make a Minecraft run more fun. In the Doggy Talents mod, you can customize your dog with many different variant models. You can also make your dog a more useful companion while you’re out exploring, like hunting down enemies or fetching drops. The customization options for dogs alone make this mod a great addon, giving you more options for breeds all around.

6. Better Animals Plus

Image via Better Animals Plus

For an overall boost to the animal game, Better Animals Plus helps bring new and interesting animals to the world of Minecraft. With 40 new animals to discover and encounter across Minecraft, this is a surefire way to get some interesting detail if you’re tired of seeing the same mobs. Not only does it come with tons of new animals, but it also comes with new textures that give the world a fresh coat of paint. Everything from wolves to walruses, to turkeys to sharks and eels are available in this robust mod.

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5. Mystical World

Image via Mystical World

For a little fantasy in your Minecraft world, try the Mystical World mod. This pack offers things like reindeer, owls, beetles, and other fantasy variants of normal animals. Many are tamable so that you can make good companions out of practically anything new you discover. There are also animals across the Nether and the regular overworld, making the entire experience more full than base Minecraft.

4. Animania

Image via Animania

Animania is a good choice for your next session if you’re a fan of realistic-looking mods. This mod adds plenty of animals to the mix, like peacocks and revamped farm animals. The animals featured all-new looks, looking a little softer and slightly more realistic. The mod also features mechanics like changing pens, loading feed for the animals, and a health system for your farm.

3. Mo’Creatures

Image via Mo’Creatures

If you’re after a tried and true mob mod that’s been around for a while, try Mo’Creatures. This mod includes plenty of added-on mobs, both hostile and friendly, ranging from tigers to insects, to werewolves and ogres. Most mobs are tameable, and the mod even comes with new versions of dogs and cats that you can discover across the world.

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2. Lots O’ Mobs

Image via Lots o Mobs

Lots O’ Mobs is another mod that adds more animals to the game, this one featuring creatures like elephants, crocodiles, boars, and other wild beasts. It also contains two new realms to discover, the Ice Age and the Prehistoric period, which contains dinosaurs and other creatures that match the time period. Because this mod introduces new places, there are plenty of new blocks and materials available to discover.

1. Craftable Animals

Image via Craftable Animals

Craftable Animals is just as it sounds. If you’re tired of finding (or growing, if you have that other mod) your animals, why not just craft them? It may sound a little macabre, but this mod is ultimately wildly useful in creating just about any egg you want. If you like the idea of playing god a little, this mod is perfect for you or if you’re just too lazy to find the animals for your farm.