Top 10 Minecraft Mods for Pokemon Fans

Gotta pixel em all! Make your game a little less lonely.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Often enough, when you’re dealing with cute, colorful monster characters like Pokemon, there can be a ton of overlap with other games. Minecraft and Pokemon have very similar audience pools; both have big fanbases, long-running franchises, and updates coming out all the time for new content.

It’s no wonder then that there are plenty of mods out there that cross between the two, offering the Pokemon experience in some fashion throughout the pixelated world of Minecraft. In this article, we’ll list out a few of the top mods that do a fantastic job of bringing the Pokemon vibe to Minecraft, and where you can download them.

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10. Pixelmon Generations

Image via Pixelmon Generations

Pixelmon Generations is an upgrade of the original Pixelmon. While the first takes the cake as the most popular, this mod makes up for it with numbers, polish, and models. Instead of pixelated blocky Pokemon, you can catch these mons in their full 3D form. This upgrade also includes tons of Pokemon, far more than the base game Pixelmon does. There are over 900 in this package of Pixelmon Generations.

9. Bidoof Totem of Undying

Image via rocket741

While many of the mods in this list are big ones with major gameplay changes, this one is certainly not. However, just because it isn’t big doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a heart. The Biddof Totem of Undying mod simply changes the Totem of Undying, turning it into a Bidoof. If you don’t want to undergo the entire ordeal of downloading a new mod and having to learn the ins and outs, this one is perfect for just a splash of Pokemon.

8. Pokehaan Craft

Image via Pokehaan Craft

Pokehaan Craft is an attempt to bring Pokemon to the Minecraft world, with fully rendered models. It has a catching system, one that’s intuitive enough to learn right off the bat. You can even use items on your Pokemon: everything from Potions to TMs is fair game. It even comes with challenges, so that you won’t get bored after catching your team.

7. PokeCube

Image via PokeCube

Minecraft is a pixelated game, which means it makes plenty of sense for the Pokemon you mod to be pixelated as well. PokeCube takes things in a more literal direction, bringing Pokemon over while also transplanting them to the Minecraft look of things. The only unfortunate fact about this mod is that the Pokemon numbers are a little lacking, there are only 50 from Gen 1 available to catch in the game. However, because they look so integrated with the world, it’s hard to be mad about it.

6. PokemonMD Undaunted Heroes

Image via PokemonMD page

PokemonMD Undaunted Heroes is a detailed mod that features lots of Pokemon game mechanics, such as catching Pokemon, harvesting berries, and more. Instead of standard Pokemon though, you can catch creative renditions of them that are scattered around the world. If you have the right items, you can even forge Pokemon of your own. All Pokemon that appear in Undaunted are pixelated, matching the style of Minecraft and integrating easily into the game.

5. Pokemon Adventure

Pokemon Adventure is a mod that tries its best to fully integrate the Pokemon experience straight into Minecraft. From items to Pokemon to even a cute UI that shows which Pokemon you have available, every bit of this mod is dedicated to bringing a Pokemon adventure across games. The game allows you to wander into dungeons, where rare Pokemon are available for catching. Everything from Pokeballs to Apricorns is also available to collect, making the entire catching mechanic easier than gathering resources. The Pokemon designs aren’t fully Minecraft style, but they block enough to not completely clash with the world.

4. PokeCraft Reforged

Image via PokeCraft Reforged

If you like Pokemon Reforged and Pixelmon, this mod is an addon for the previous. PokeCraft Reforged features the same mechanics as Pokemon Reforged, with more models and additional options to catch Pokemon than previously possible in the modding community. The models used are pretty high res, so if this clash between the two is a bothersome point for you, there are likely other mods that suit your style better. All mobs have been replaced by Pokemon in this version, making it that much more playable.

3. Pixelmon Reforged

Image via Pixelmon Reforged

Pixelmon Reforged is a fresh take on the original mod Pixelmon, featuring more of everything, but mostly Pokemon. Unlike Pixelmon proper, Pixelmon Reforged features 3D models that aren’t pixelated. It’s a large-scale project, one with hundreds of Pokemon available to catch and collect. They wander all over the world; one of the biggest improvements to come with Reforged is the AI mechanic for how and where Pokemon tend to wander. From the air to the land, to the sea, you’ll see how Pokemon is meant to be in this robust mod for Minecraft.

2. Pokeball Mod

Image via Pokeball Mod

The Pokeball Mod is a comparatively simple mod, one that adds Trainers and PokeBalls to the world of Minecraft. While there are no Pokemon to capture, you can use the PokeBall itself to capture friendly or hostile mobs. The Trainers that roam the land act as resource beacons, so if you want some PokeBalls, you can talk to them to get some. This is a great mod if you want to have a simple Pokemon overlay to your relatively vanilla Minecraft game.

1. Pixelmon

Image via Pixelmon

Pixelmon is the OG of the Pokemon Minecraft modding scene. It adds as many Pokemon as possible during the time, being a collaborative project between many modders. It features pixelated Pokemon, ones that look like they fit right in with the world. Because plenty of Pokemon-themed servers use this mod pack, you can join in on the fun online as you catch Pokemon, travel the world, and collect potions and TMs to use at your leisure.