Best mods for Cookie Clicker on PC

Use these mods for an easier time in the game.

Image via DashNet

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game that was released back in 2013. The gameplay revolves around a large cookie that players click on to harvest smaller cookies. These cookies can be used to buy new assets such as cursors, grandmas, farms, mines, factories, and banks that will further aid in making cookies. Although players have to start from scratch and grind for every asset in the game, players can also use mods to gain different advantages.

How to use Cookie Clicker Steam Mods

To use mods in Cookie Clicker, you need to download the mod files from klattmose’s Github. Once done, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Extract the mod files to the Cookie Clicker mod directory. The exact directory location is \Steam\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\mods\local
  • Enable the downloaded through the in-game options menu.
  • Once done, you should be able to use the mod.

Best mods for Cookie Clicker

  • Fortune Cookie- The mod predicts the results of the Grimoire minigame spells.
  • Klattmose Utilities- The mod lets you create an unlimited amount of fully customizable hotkeys.
  • Decide Your Destiny- The mod enables you to choose the outcome of the next natural Golden Cookie in exchange for Sugar Lumps.
  •  Timer Widget- You will be able to see the cooldown for different buffs.
  • Black Hole Inverter- You will get a new building.

Keep in mind using any mod in Cookie Clicker will instantly disable your ability to earn steam achievements for the game. However, you can use the Steam Achievement Enabler mod that will remove the restriction.