The Best Moveset For Gyarados In Pokemon Go

Gyarados has been a fan favorite for decades – but what is its best moveset for Pokemon Go competitive matches and events?

Image via the Pokémon Company

Gyarados is a powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but what is the best moveset for it to use in battle? As a Water/Flying-type Pokemon, a few choices will make Gyarados more effective in combat.

As one of the original 151 Pokemon and the evolution of the beloved Magikarp, Gyarados has always been a popular creature in the franchise. Its place in the competitive scene has shifted drastically over the course of the series, with it sometimes being an absolute beast (especially when it received a Mega Evolution) and sometimes weak, thanks to its typing.

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The Best Fast Attack & Charged Attack Moves For Gyarados In Pokemon Go

Image via The Pokémon Company

In its base form, Gyarados is a Water/Flying-type Pokemon with a Max CP of 3834. This means it takes 256% damage from Electric-type moves and 160% damage from Rock-type moves, meaning you should keep it away form Pokemon with those types. Regarding defense, Gyarados takes 62.5% damage from Bug, Fighting, Fire, Steel, and Water-type moves, as well as 39.1% from Ground-type moves.

Regarding its best moves, the best Fast Attack for Gyarados is Waterfall due to its speed, damage, and energy generation. Also, the best Charged Attack for Gyarados is Hydro Pump, which deals a ton of damage when used in combat. The idea is to use the speed of Waterfall to quickly power up Hydro Pump and use it finish the job.

The Best Fast Attack & Charged Attack Moves For Mega Gyarados In Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

Gyarados has a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go, allowing it to transform into the mighty Mega Gyarados, giving it a streak of black and red to its design. Mega Gyarados is a Water/Dark-type Pokemon with a Max CP of 5332. This means it takes 160% damage from Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass types moves. Regarding its defense, it takes 62.5% damage from Psychic, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ice, Steel, and Water-type moves and 39.1% damage from Psychic-type moves.

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Regarding its offensive skills, Mega Gyarados’ best Fast Attack is Bite, as while it’s not as strong as Waterfall, it’s a lot faster, allowing it to generate energy quicker in preparation for a Charged Attack. Mega Gyarados’ best Charged Attack is Hydro Pump, for the same reasons as Gyarados, as it’s a powerful move that can be charged up quickly.