How To Get A Free Pokemon Go Egg Incubator Bag On The Official Store

Here’s how to nab a real-life Pokemon Go Incubator Bag from the official Pokemon store.

Image Via The Pokemon Company

Those who want to pretend they’re breeding Shiny Pokemon while they’re at the mall will be able to do so, as the official Pokemon Center store offers a free Pokemon Go Egg Incubator bag with certain purchases. Just ensure you don’t fall into old habits and run backward and forward in a straight line to make your imaginary Pokemon Egg hatch faster.

In the Pokemon games, whenever you receive a Pokemon Egg, it takes up a slot in your party and doesn’t hatch until you finish taking a certain number of steps. In Pokemon Go, the player needs to use an item called a Pokemon Egg Incubator, which hatches Pokemon Eggs based on the distance the player walks. If the player purchases a more expensive Pokemon Egg Incubator, the distance they need to walk will be reduced, which hastens the hatching process.

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How To Claim The Pokemon Go Egg Incubator Bag For Free

Image Via The Pokemon Company

The official Pokemon Center website is giving away exclusive Pokemon Go Egg Incubator bags as part of a new promotion. Unfortunately, it’s not free in the strictest sense of the word, as it’s only given away to people who spend a certain amount on the store. The Pokemon Go Egg Incubator bag promotion is also only available to people in the United States of America and Canada. The promotion also doesn’t include digital or pre-orders as part of the minimum spending requirement.

To receive a Pokemon Go Egg Incubator bag, you must spend USD $49.99 on one or more products from the Go Trainer Gear or Go Teams collections. All of the eligible items can be found at this link. You won’t be struggling to fill out that $49.99 minimum, considering the price of the eligible items in the store, as that’s the price of a single Team hoodie or shirt.

The Pokemon Go Egg Incubator bag has a transparent plastic cover to put a Pokemon Egg plush inside for maximum realism. If you have any Baby Pokemon plushies, they would also be a great fit for the bag. Those who want the bag can also pay for it outright, as it’s available on the Pokemon Center store for $19.99, not counting postage & packaging.

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The Pokemon Center store can be expensive, especially for heavier clothing items, but at least the Pokemon Egg Incubator bag can help offset the cost in your wallet/heart. It’s also a shame that the promotion isn’t active in the UK or Europe, as the rest of the world has to look on with jealousy at the North American Pokemon trainers and their fancy Pokemon Egg bags.