Pokemon Go: All Pokemon You Need to Walk With To Evolve

When you’re playing Pokemon Go, these are the Pokemon that evolve only after walking a certain distance as your buddy

Pokemon Go Walking

Image via The Pokemon Company

Regarding certain gameplay elements, Pokemon Go lives up to its name in that you have to go somewhere. Whether we’re talking about leaving the house to hatch an egg, hit up a raid, or catch Pokemon that won’t populate on your doorstep, the game is made to be played out of your house.

This is especially true when it comes to the evolution requirements of certain Pokemon in the game. Some critters can’t be evolved without first taking them for a walk (or several) as your buddy to reach a minimum distance requirement. Whether you’re building a team for battle or trying to fill up your Pokedex, knowing which of your buddies will require some distance before they evolve is helpful. To help you plan your next adventure, our list is in order of distance required to evolve.

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Woobat Pokemon Go
Image via the Pokemon Company

Woobat, our last “walk to evolve” Pokemon, is also the easiest to obtain in terms of distance.

Flying bat Pokemon Woobat will need to journey with you for just 1km before it’s ready to evolve into Swoobat. You might not even get the 50 candies you need for the evolution from that short jaunt with this buddy.

Sneasel (Hisuian)

Sneasel to Sneasler
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Hisuian variation of Sneasel requires some adventure time before it’s ready to evolve. You can only obtain this version of Sneasel from 7k eggs obtained during special events, and the walking isn’t finished there if you’d like to get its final form.

If you snag a Hisuian Sneasel and want to transform it into Sneasler, make it your buddy Pokemon and walk 7k with it. Then, you’ll be able to evolve it, but only during the day. You’ll need 100 candies for this evolution.


Image via The Pokemon Company

Not every Eeveelution requires walking, but two of this versatile creature’s evolved forms do. To get an Umbreon or Espeon, you’ll need to make Eevee your buddy Pokemon and go for a stroll. Sylveon also requires buddy Pokemon action, but it’s focused on earning hearts rather than distance walking.

To evolve it to Umbreon or Espeon, you’ll need to go 10km with Eevee as your buddy. Once you’ve hit the distance, timing comes into play. Evolve your buddy at night, and it will become Umbreon. Evolve it by daylight and it will evolve into an Espeon. Both evolutions cost 25 candies.


Image of Shiny Bosly from the Pokemon games
Screenshot via Nintendo

This baby Pokemon can only be acquired by hatching a 5km egg, so walking is the name of the game with the tiny tree Pokemon.

If you want to evolve your Bonsly into Sudowoodo, you’ll need to get on the move again. Make Bonsly your buddy, then walk a minimum of 15k with it. Once you’ve hit the 15k mark, you’ll be able to click the Evolve button so long as you’ve got 50 candies.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Another adorable baby Pokemon found only in 5k eggs, Happiny will have you walking some more if you’re trying to evolve it into a Chansey.

To evolve Happiny, it will need to be your buddy for 15k of travel time. After that, the option to evolve it using 25 candies will become available. However, Happiny’s third and final form does not require walking to obtain, so once you have Chansey, you can take a break and use candy alone to evolve it to Blissey.

Mime Jr.

Pokemon Go Mime Jr
Image via The Pokemon Company

The last in our trio of baby Pokemon that hatch from eggs is Mine Jr. This little guy hatches from a 5k egg and will evolve only after traveling as your buddy.

To evolve your Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime, you’ll need to walk 15k with it set as your pal. Then, you can feed it 50 candies to have it transformed.


Feebas Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

This water-type Pokemon is another that won’t evolve without being taken on a journey with you first, and one of the longer ones at that.

If you want to level up your Feebas to a Milotic, you’ll need to travel 20k with it as your buddy. Then, you’ll be able to use candies to evolve your little fish into a majestic water-type dragon. Evolving your Feebas is the only way to get Milotic in the game, so if you’re trying to complete your Pokedex, you’ll need to get on the move. This evolution requires 100 candies in addition to the mileage.


Pawmo to Pawmot
Image via The Pokemon Company

Electric-type Pawmo is the most high-maintenance of the buddies in terms of distance required before it will be ready to evolve.

You can evolve a Pawmi into a Pawmo with candies alone, but once you get a Pawmo, you’ll need to move to obtain its last evolutionary stage. To level your Pawmo into a Pawmot, walk 25k with this little guy. Once you hit the milestone, it takes 100 candies to get this guy to its final form.

Next time you hope to evolve any of these eight Pokemon, ensure you’re ready to go the distance.