The best MUT team captains in Madden 21

Which MUT Captain should you pick?

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When starting up your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), you will receive a MUT Captain after completing a series of beginners’ challenges. There are four MUT captains: CB Aeneas Williams, WR Ed McCaffery, DT La’roi Glover, and RB Eddie George. Picking the right MUT Captain is important for your team, because not only do want a pick a player that will help you in the present, but also in the future when you’ve acquired more coins and higher rated cards.

So which MUT Captain should you pick? Let’s take a look at all four MUT Captains first, and then we’ll give our recommendation.

Aeneas Williams

Having elite cornerbacks in Madden is important, as you will want to lock down the opponent’s passing game as much as possible. CB Aeneas Williams has some good stats (87 Acceleration, 87 Agility, 85 Man Coverage), but there are some problems with picking Williams. For one, Williams is only 5’11’, meaning he can get exposed by taller wide receivers like Mike Evans. Second, Williams’ 85 Speed attribute is fine for now, but once upgraded cards come out in September and October, he could be left in the dust if he’s your CB1 or CB2.

La’roi Glover

DT La’Roi Glover is one of the faster defensive tackles (75 Speed, 85 Acceleration) that you will find in Madden 21. This will be quite useful if you plan on using the new Defensive Skill Stick to try to rush the quarterback. While Glover’s weaknesses come in the Strength (84) and Play Recognition (84) attributes, the good news is that Glover should still be able to play on your roster once new cards are released, especially if you run a 4-3.

Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey’s son Christian is one of the most desirable players in Madden Ultimate Team. But what about WR Ed McCaffrey? First off, McCaffrey’s height (6’5”) will be great for making aggressive catches. The former Broncos wideout also has a solid Jumping attribute (87), but where he really falls behind is in his running numbers. McCaffrey only has 85 Speed, and his 86 Acceleration is serviceable for the interim but won’t look as good in a few weeks.

Eddie George

The Titans legend was known for being a bruising running back in the NFL during his playing days, so it’s no surprise his MUT attributes reflect that. George only has 85 Speed and 81 Agility, but Trucking (86) and Break Tackle (85) should come in handy. Like with the other players that we mentioned in this article, George will be just fine for the interim, but the key is figuring out whether George will be useful in the future. The good thing is that George should be, but because he’s a slow running back, you’ll want him as either your future HB2 and third-down back.

As far as our recommendation goes, we would pick DT La’roi Glover, as he should have more use in the coming weeks and months. Eddie George came in as a close second, and he would not be a bad pick either. But Glover, thanks to his solid speed and overall attributes, would be our pick.