Best Nature for Flamigo in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Flamigo is new to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and despite its early availability in a playthrough and lack of evolution, it’s one got some solid stats that can carry you deep into the story and past some of the harder Titan Pokémon. It’s an odd dual Flying/Fighting type, and given the spindly look of its legs, you wouldn’t think much of its Attack, but don’t put Flamigo’s damage for granted. With the proper Nature and a little training, you can dish out some serious pain.

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The Nature you want for Flamigo

Flamigo boasts a solid 500 total points across all its base stats, with normal Attack and Speed being its specialties, in that order. Its weakest stats are Defense and Special Defense, so you’ll want to avoid any Nature that lowers either. You also don’t want to touch its Attack or Speed stat, leaving only Special Attack to the wolves.

Taking all that into account, Adamant is the best Nature for Flamigo. It lowers Special Attack and raises normal Attack — a total benefit with no immediate downsides. If you don’t manage to land Adamant, here are a few other Natures to consider.

  • Careful (Special Defense Up, Special Attack Down)
  • Impish (Defense Up, Special Attack Down)
  • Jolly (Speed Up, Special Attack Down)

As discussed, you want to avoid any Nature that lowers Attack or Speed, which are the following:

  • Bold (Defense Up, Attack Down)
  • Brave (Attack Up, Speed Down)
  • Calm (Special Defense Up, Attack Down
  • Modest (Special Attack Up, Attack Down)
  • Quiet (Special Attack Up, Speed Down)
  • Relaxed (Defense Up, Speed Down)
  • Sassy (Special Defense Up, Speed Down)
  • Timid (Speed Up, Attack Down)

If you don’t need up with the Nature you want, Nature Mints are a great way to force the issue. Feeding a Mint to your Pokémon will immediately change its Nature to whichever is keyed to the Mint and called out in its name. The Pokémon’s Nature in the stats screen won’t change, but the stats themselves will.