Best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This powerhouse will knock your opponents back to the quack of dawn.

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The starter Pokemon for any generation tend to be usable, if not outright dominating, in the competitive scene — but even if you’re not competitively minded, the starters also do quite well at clearing the story and extra content in the game. Each starter does something a little different, so let’s dive deep and take a look at the best Nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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What is the best nature for Quaxly, Quaxwell, and Quaquaval?

Quaquaval has middling defensive stats, with an 85 in HP, an 80 and 75 in Defense and Special Defense, and an 85 in Speed — but an extremely high Attack stat, with a whopping base 120 allowing it to put Pokemon not even weak to it in danger of being knocked out. With that slightly slower-than-desired Speed, the best Natures for Quaquaval would be either Adamant or Jolly. Jolly may allow Quaquaval to outspeed things it normally can’t, and it does have a higher-than-normal base Attack, so Jolly may edge out Adamant.

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Quaquaval’s best ability and moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This Water/Fighting duck learns Moxie as its hidden ability, and that’s the ability you want to get if possible — starters may have their hidden abilities locked, as they have been for previous generations. Moxie allows Quaquaval to snowball into bonus Attack stats — for every enemy defeated, Quaquaval gets +1 Attack stage, up to a maximum of +6.

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With the win condition laid out for you, it’s time to look at the tools Quaquaval has at its disposal — its signature ability, Aqua Step, alongside extremely powerful moves such as Close Combat, U-Turn, Brave Bird, and a very important new move called Ice Spinner, which is a base 80 power Ice move that removes Terrain from play. There are a lot of new Pokemon reliant on Terrain support to reach their full power, so Ice Spinner can stop them in their tracks.