Best perks to upgrade first in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Make Starlord the legend he’s dreamed of being.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Improving Starlord’s tech will improve your combat abilities and sensors to find additional components in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s vital to upgrade your perks from the workbench, so Starlord can be the greatest leader he can be. Here are the best perks to upgrade first to make your playthrough flarking great.

These are the five perks we recommend getting first.

  • Extra Health
  • Extra Shield
  • Components Localizer
  • Super Quill Punch
  • Tactical Scan

The most basic but essential perks to get in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is Extra Health and Extra Shield. The first gives you a 25% bonus while the latter gives you a massive 50% increase.

For even more protection against formidable foes, you’ll need more health drops during battles. Thankfully, the Super Quill Punch can turn the tides. When you deal a lethal bow after a Jet Boot dash with a punch, the enemy will drop more health pick-ups for Starlord to utilize. This is very helpful in those tricky boss battles that overwhelm you with swarms of monsters and powerful attacks.

Additionally, the Tactical Scan will give you exact details on how to beat each enemy type while using the visor. It will show the weaknesses of each monster and villain you come across.

Last but certainly not least, we think the Components Localizer is an essential tool from the get-go. UI will present itself whenever there are components in an area. They’re usually hidden cleverly within each level. You’ll need both basic and advanced components to get new perks at the workbench, so getting the Components Localizer is essential to maximize your component intake.