Best places to hide and heal on the Winter Express game mode in Apex Legends

Recharging shields.

Healing spots at Winter Express stations

It’s happened to the best Apex Legends players. You are in mid-combat, and someone deals a near-deadly shot to you. Fighting back at that point will be a hard gamble, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slip away, heal up and run back into the fray. If you are looking for a place to duck into to repair those shields and hit points, this is the guide for you.

On the train

On the Train safe spots
Assets via Respawn

First off, there are a few places on the Winter Express itself that you can duck into, the most notable being the nook in the back car. Though you are exposed through the window, if most players on the train, it’s one of the safest spots you can be. The front section of the first car is also a good spot if no players are outside.

Station Specific

Healing spots at Winter Express stations
Assets via Respawn

While Fool’s Gulch and Freightyard are more just duck-and-cover and hope for the best type areas, the other three stations have locations definable as the closest, safest places to heal up.

  • Under the bridge (Derailment)
  • On the train track in derailment, there is a gap in the ground creating a small bridge. Under that is the perfect cover for a full heal.
  • Inside the station (Central Station)
  • Down the stairs of Central Station and around the corner, duck down behind a desk or by a tree and heal yourself. Battle is just up the stairs, so you can jump right back in.
  • Outside the side doors (Refinery)
  • No matter your vertical position, you’re a target in refinery. The safest place to be is to slink out of the building entirely, heal up, and then choose your point of action and return plan.

Quick escape legends

Certain legends have a knack for slipping away from a fight real fast or unscathed. Here are all of the legends that are going to make slipping away for a refresher the easiest.

  • Loba
  • Wraith
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Bangalore

On the offensive

While this list was made to help those trying to heal, you can also flip it on its head. If you are fighting someone, they get low and seemingly disappear; these are the places to check first if you are at each given station. If the train is contested, these places are also good to camp at and kill whoever comes down. Is it mean to do this? Yes. But c’mon, half of you reading this were already thinking it.