Best Pokémon Teams for the Love Cup in Pokémon Go

What teams should you use in the Love Cup?

Image via Niantic

When the Master League happens in Pokémon Go, players can also expect to see a special themed cup happening at the same time. Because it’s close to Valentine’s Day, the Love Cup will be launching and available alongside the Master League PvP battles.

The Love Cup will only allow players to use Pokémon that have a maximum CP of 1,500, they cannot be legendary or mythical, and the Pokémon must have a red or pink coloration. You won’t be able to use any Pokémon that does not meet these guidelines, and we have all of the eligible choices listed out, and the best Pokémon to use in this league. Here are our recommendations for the best Pokémon teams to use in the Love Cup.

Best Pokémon teams for the Love Cup

Alomomola, Clefable, and Electrode

This is probably one of the better Pokémon teams you’ll find in the Love Cup. Alomomola is a powerful Pokémon with plenty of stamina to waste. It’s a strong Water-type Pokémon, and if you back it up with Clefable, and Electrode, most of the players you battle against won’t be able to stop you. Your main risks are Milotic, Charizard, and Wigglytuff.

  • Alomomola: Waterfall (fast move), psychic, and hydro pump
  • Clefable: Charm (fast move), psychic, and meteor mash
  • Electrode: Volt switch (fast move), foul play, and discharge.

Charizard, Vileplume, and Corsola

The next team features a common Pokémon you’re going to see in the Love Cup, Charizard. It’s one of those Pokémon almost everyone has from one event or another, and it’s because of that frequency you want to try and protect. Try pairing your Charizard with Vileplume and Corsola to round out its several weaknesses.

  • Charizard: Wing attack (fast move), blast burn, and dragon claw
  • Vileplume: Razor leaf (fast move), moonblast, and sludge bomb
  • Corsola: Bubble (fast move), bubble beam, and rock blast

Scrafty, Electrode, and Magmortar

Another favorite for trainers will be Scrafty, the Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon. It’ll be difficult to take it down, and with the correct teams, you can dominate other players with it, but it might not be used by all trainers given how difficult it can be to obtain it. We recommend teaming it up with Electrode and Magmortar to do some serious damage.

  • Scrafty: Counter (fast move), foul play, and power-up punch
  • Electrode: Volt switch (fast move), foul play, and discharge
  • Magmortar: Karate chop (fast move), fire punch, and thunderbolt

Lickitung, Seaking, and Medicham

For those who want to use a Normal-type Pokémon, Lickitung is an excellent choice. It has one of the higher amounts of stamina, making it difficult to take down, and it’s only weak to Fighting-type moves. Because that is its only weakness, you’ll want to defend against that, using Medicham and Seaking to round out a reasonably good team.

  • Lickitung: Lick (fast move), body slam, and power whip
  • Seaking: Poison jab (fast move), icy wind, and drill run
    Medicham: Counter (fast move), power-up punch, and psychic

Slowbro, Scrafty, and Magcargo

The last team on our lists features Slowbro, the Water and Psychic-type Pokémon. Of Slowpoke’s evolutions, Slowbro is the superior choice due to its more diverse moveset, and its effective energy generation of its ideal fast move, confusion. We recommend rounding out this team with Scrafty and Magcargo, giving you a decent push in the Love Cup to potentially obtain victory.

  • Slowbro: Confusion (fast move), ice beam, and psychic
  • Scrafty: Counter (fast move), foul play, and power-up punch
  • Magcargo: Rock throw (fast move), stone edge, and overheat