Best Races for Paladins In WoW

When choosing your next paladin character in WoW, these races are the best options whether its for the aesthetic or to be the best.

WoW Paladin

Image via Gamepur

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When choosing the next character to create for a new WoW run, having the best race and class combo can be the defining factor or making it to that 1% player status. However, for a lot of players, it’s all about that aesthetic.

Paladins are the hybrid class that brings the best of both healing and fighting worlds. These holy warriors are destined to don their armor to protect the weak and bring down justice upon the unjust. With both healing and tank-like abilities, players need the best race that will enhance the paladin experience, both from a lore and stat standpoint.

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6. Human

WoW Human Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

Human, while the most basic choice, is the race for which the paladin class was made. The Human race matches well with the paladin class because it originated with this specific race. Lore-wise, the Humans fit the aesthetic of a paladin really well. For those who are trying the class for the first time, this is the best race to learn the basic paladin schematics before moving on to other races.

5. Draenei and Lightforged Draenei

WoW Lightforged Draenei Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Draenei and specifically the Lightforged Draenei make decent paladins in terms of stats and abilities but where they lack in stats, they bring in peak aesthetic. The Lightforged Draenei have a rich lore that works perfectly for the paladin class. Their racials, while not perfect like humans, are good for the class. Honestly, they look like some of the most intimidating and epic paladins in the game.

4. Blood Elves

WoW Blood Elf Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

These are the first of the Horde that are mentioned on this list. Like the Draenei, these are great for the aesthetic. On top of that, they have a mass dispel that is useful when playing as a paladin. They are a solid choice from a racial standpoint. Their lore with the class is one of the more unique and interesting takes as their paladins are Blood Knights, a vampiric-like knight that sucks out the Light energy.

3. Dwarves and Ironforged Dwarves

WoW Dwarf Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

They may be small, but they are mighty, and that is no different for the paladin-class dwarves. Their racial traits synergize with the paladin class as they have a passive that gives them a critical strike bonus and increases healing. They also offer damage reduction and debuff remover. Dwarf paladin players concentrate more on competition than the aesthetic and lore, but that does not stop them from appreciating the smaller race.

2. Tauren

WoW Tauren Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Tauren take “holy cow” to a whole new meaning. Tauren are ideal because of their health stats, and the boost they get by being a paladin just adds to it. They also have an AoE stun that is super helpful in a fight. They are one of the biggest things in the field, so an intimidating aesthetic comes easily to them.

1. Zandalari

WoW Zandalari Paladin
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Zandalari are a great option for Paladin in terms of PvE play. They can change their Loa Blessing, making them prime for adapting to tank heals or DPS. Plus, they have a racial ability that allows them to heal up to 17% of their maximum health per second. They get bonus-style points for just looking cool in that armor.