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Roblox: How To Get Headless

The headless horseman is on the loose.

Roblox is filled with fancy and outstanding cosmetics that players can use for their avatars. There are also exclusive cosmetics only released for a limited period or during special events. One such cosmetic is the “Headless Head” or “Headless,” part of the Headless Horseman bundle. Due to its limited availability, the Headless Head has gained a reputation as a rare and sought-after item in Roblox. However, if you are looking to obtain the cosmetic, refer to the guide below.

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Unlocking Headless in Roblox: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Headless Head first made its appearance during special events on Roblox. One of the most notable events where it was obtainable was the “Ready Player One” event in 2018, which collaborated with the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline’s famous book. During this event, players could participate in a series of in-game challenges to acquire the Headless Head as a reward.

Headless or Headless Head cosmetic is only available during special events, which is usually the Halloween period of each year. When the cosmetic is on sale, you would be able to purchase it from the Avatar shop for 31K Robux. Yes, the item is costly compared to other cosmetics in the game, but such is the charm and demand of the coveted Headless. As usual, you can also look to trade for the cosmetic by connecting with any player that already owns it. If you are unaware of how to trade with another player in Roblox, click on a player’s profile and then the three dots on the right side of their profile. Click on the “Trade Items” option, then select the item you want to trade for.

Upon purchasing the bundle, along with the Headless, you’ll also get components for the Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso, Gear, and Costume.

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