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Get your cards in order.

Rounds is a card-based action-oriented game you can play online with friends. This funky platformer features various ways to play, and while the game can be as satisfying as the base game, mods can make the experience much more enjoyable. Everything from organizing cards a different way to making it easier to play Rounds with your friends to determining whether or not friendly fire is on, there are plenty of mods out there that can make your Rounds games a more pleasant experience.

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10. Rounds With Friends

Rounds with Friends is the essential mod that keeps things nice and neat. With over sixty thousand downloads and counting, it’s a stalwart mod that’s designed to improve multiplier capabilities. If you want to get this mod, you’ll need to be aware of some other mods that are also required for the software to function. These include ones like PebinEx and the pack it comes with. Rounds with Friends is designed to support up to 16 friends in both private and local online lobbies.

9. Set Rounds

Set Rounds is a mod in Rounds that allows players to set the number of rounds that they all want to play per game. It also helps set the amount of points that can be obtained during a round. As a general cleanup kind of mod, Set Rounds is great if you’re trying to play the game more efficiently. By allowing you to change the number of rounds required to win the game, you can make your games longer or shorter by consequence. When the default is 2, this adjustment comes in handy for longer games.

8. Lobby Improvements

Lobby Improvements is a quality-of-life fix meant to improve online lobbies, whether they be between your friends or a gaggle of strangers. This mod helps organize almost everything, giving structure to the madness and convenience to the chaos. One of the best quality-of-life fixes that it offers is making lobbies joinable via code. Things like streamer mode and verified entrance to lobbies help create a well-catered experience for the average player, whether it’s their first time or the hundredth.

7. Performance Improvements

Who doesn’t like performance improvements? This mod is for the modder, helping adjust all else to work in your favor as you play Rounds. It adds plenty of options for you to choose from in the Mods menu. These options can help you cater your experience so that your game runs smoother. Not only does the Performance Improvements mod help improve the stability of your game, but it can also help adjust your other mods to turn them from good to great.

6. Damage Indicators

Damage Indicators does just what you think it does. It’s a relatively simple mod that makes it easier for players to see when they do damage to each other. It also indicates when damage is undone through healing. Both positive and negative counts are displayed. If you install the mod but decide for some reason that you don’t need it anymore, you can enable and disable the functions from the F1 menu.

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5. Toggle Friendly Fire

This is another mod that does exactly what’s stated on the tin. With this mod, you can disable friendly fire, disable self-damage, and disable any hit effects for any disabled damage. In other words, it completely turns off friendly fire and any after-effects a landed shot would have on enemies.

4. Card Bar Patch

The Card Bar Patch is a mod that allows for a fully customizable cardbar. You can have the card bar stay around the standard or upgrade it to show up to 95 cards at a time. With this mod, you can preview cards, teams and adjust every little bit about the way the cards display on the screen. This mod is a great decision for a perfectionistic player or a game leader who likes to change the small things down to the detail.

3. Pick n Cards

Pick n Cards takes the game and places it more into the player’s hands right from the get-go. Usually, there’s a limit to how many cards you can pick. However, thanks to this mod, that limit is no more. Originally a mod called PickTwoCards was the pioneer of the concept, but this version is the best intention for what was originally in place. If you download this mod, you can use it to allow card picks, all the way up to 20 cards!

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2. Cursor Lock

Cursor Lock is a useful tool that allows the game to lock the cursor to the game window. This helps prevent any accidental clicking out of the game while in a match. It can also help avoid glitches that may occur due to these accidental clicks. If you don’t like using fullscreen but still want the same isolation that comes with it, Cursor Lock can help keep your mouse tidy and on the border.

1. CR

CR is a must-have mod for Rounds. This is for nothing more than a content benefit because CR ads over 80 new kinds of cards to the game. Nothing short of a gameplay overhaul, CR takes the reins to revitalize Rounds, even for those who have played for a long time. The amount of content in this mod is quite staggering, so it may help to take a look at the content on the page before you dive right in. Unless you like about 80 or so surprises.

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