Best Running Backs in Madden 22

Power and speed on the field.

Image via EA Sports

Wide receivers and tight ends are important for any offense, but the running backs can be just, if not, more impactful on the field. A good running game can chew up weak teams up front and make it much harder for defenses to gameplan against opposing offenses.

It’s officially Madden season, as we can now take a look at the best players in Madden 22. But which running backs are the best in this year’s game? Let’s take a look.

Just like last year, Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers received the highest rating among running backs. He didn’t make the ’99 Club’ as he did in 2020, but he will start the year with an excellent 97 OVR rating.

Here’s a look at the rest of the top ten:

  1. Panthers HB Christian McCaffrey (97 OVR)
  2. Titans HB Derrick Henry (96 OVR)
  3. Browns HB Nick Chubb (96 OVR)
  4. Vikings HB Dalvin Cook (95 OVR)
  5. Saints HB Alvin Kamara (94 OVR)
  6. Packers HB Aaron Jones (91 OVR)
  7. Giants HB Saquon Barkley (90 OVR)
  8. Raiders HB Josh Jacobs (89 OVR)
  9. Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliott (88 OVR)
  10. Bengals HB Joe Mixon (88 OVR)

Out of that group of ten, five of those backs (McCaffrey, Henry, Cook, Chubb, Barkley) received the highest speed ratings at 92 OVR. And as for dual threats, you can’t go wrong with the Carolina Panther stud, as the Madden team also gave McCaffrey an 81 catching rating.