The best seeds for The Long Drive

Image via Genesz

The Long Drive is a survival driving game that has been gaining in popularity since its release in late 2019. Players can explore a randomly generated post-apocalyptic desert with a variety of vehicles and survival challenges.

The creator of the game grants players a free hand to explore the world to their heart’s content. A nice feature of the game is the ability to use seeds to change how the map is generated. Here is a list of our favorite seeds to use when playing The Long Drive. Each one will give players a fun and unique experience with plenty of room to explore.


This map is almost entirely flat. If you are the kind of player that likes to just drive aimlessly, or if you want a lot of space to play around with stunts and controls, this is the perfect seed. It provides a near-endless plain for you to do as you please. This is great for just relaxing and killing time.


This map is full of steep hills. Players may need to keep an eye out for extra resources to handle the uphill climb, but the drop from the top can be a lot of fun. This is a good map for experimenting or for just having a change of scenery.


This is a good map for players that want a challenge. The road is covered in rocks turning it into a fun obstacle course. If you aren’t careful when navigating this map you may end up leaving parts strewn behind you.


This seed has a ship right near the spawn for you to explore. If the ship is open you can find barrels of resources like gas, oil, and water, You can get plenty of fuel and other resources early on giving you more time to explore the map.


This is a map that was found by Genesz, the game’s creator. The map features a vast mountainous terrain that players will need to negotiate. The map is both challenging and a lot of fun to get through.


This is a fun map to use for long mindless drives. The majority of the map is a flat plain. It ends in a steep hill or mountain to nowhere. The map doesn’t have anything interesting besides the sudden ascent. Flat maps like this one give players a lot of room to play around in almost any way they want.


This seed will spawn you near a warehouse with vehicles inside. Since seeds do not affect vehicle spawn rates or conditions you can potentially get any vehicle in any condition with each use of this seed.