Best settings to improve FPS in Crucible

Don’t let frame rate issues stop you.

Crucible Amazon Game Studios

Image via Amazon Games

Crucible is the first game Amazon Games has released to the market. It’s a PC-exclusive, and it features 10 different for you to choose from to play in objective-based modes, with players fighting other players with wildlife available everywhere. Unfortunately, some players may experience some trouble with having a consistent framerate on their hardware. Rather than upgrade your computer, you can change the settings available in the game.

You can modify these settings from the main menu screen in-between Crucible matches. Click on the cog on the upper right corner of your screen, or click the ESC key and go to the settings option. When you reach the settings page, you should immediately be in the Video tab, which contains all of the options you need to optimize.

To optimize the framerate options of your game, go to Display Settings, and choose the Frame Rate Limit to determine the amount of frames Crucible utilizes. The automatic choice is None, but you’re better off limiting it to 60 or 30 for some players who have had potential graphic cards overheating from the game’s demands. After that, your next option is to enable V-sync in Crucible, which is the option immediately right above the frame rate limit.

With those two changes made, click the apply changes option on the bottom right of your screen and restart Crucible to ensure the changes took to the game. You can then jump into a match to see how well the frame rates have adjusted for your hardware.

For players still experiencing issues, return to the Settings page and scroll down to the Graphics option in the Video tab. You can switch the graphics settings from High and go to Low, and you want to change them to a lower setting in this order: Water, Shading, Shadow, Postprocessing, Model, Texture, and then Texture Filtering. The first three options make your game stand out and extremely pretty, but if you’re having graphic problems, you want to make sure your game runs smoothly than looking beautiful. When you wrap up with these changes, apply them, restart Crucible, and jump into a game to see the changes in action.

Developer Amazon Games may release additional hotfixes and patches in the future to help optimize the software to ensure players have a better experience.