14 Best Silly Multiplayer Games To Bring To Parties

We have a few recommendations if you’re looking for your newest game night drama. Here are some awesome multiplayer games.

Multiplayer games can be fun on their own, but they’re way better with friends. If you have a weekly hangout session with a few people in person or even just online, plenty of games out there can result in some howling fun that’ll leave your cheeks hurting from smiling so much.

While it isn’t a strict rule, plenty of these games rely on hilarity or ragdoll physics to be fun. In this tiny library of games, we’ll list more than a few suggestions for games that are fun to play with friends, whether you’re working together or, more likely, against one another. It may strain your friendships, but the ones forged in friendly fire always turn out the best, right?

14. Golf With Friends

Image by Team17

Golf With Friends is a multiplayer golfing game that takes put-put to the next level. If you like mini-golf, you won’t like it too much after experiencing this game for very long. Complete with silly hats, bizarre courses, and impossible physics options, Golf With Friends is a contest to see which one of your friends is the worst at the game and to beat them as much as you can manage. Some courses are fair, but many aren’t, featuring course designs that range from impossible to read to hilarious to attempt. With friends, though, it can be a funny experience to unwind and curse at each other with.

13. Crab Game

Image by Dani

Based on the popular show Squid Game, Crab Game is a shameless title that takes the show’s concept and melds it into game form. Made quite ruggedly, the game is all barebones and fun, with the most basic mechanics and model designs to match the paperclip and duct tape nature it was built with. If you need a game that can run on anyone’s PC, Crab Game can manage itself even on the dustiest of gaming laptops. It features plenty of minigames from the show, such as Red Light Green Light, and unique games like a block climbing game where the last man standing wins.

12. UNO

Image by Ubisoft Entertainment

This is a classic addition to the list; UNO is the card game that’ll have you questioning friendships in no time. UNO for Steam (and a handful of other consoles) allows you to experience the classic game and different renditions of UNO, all with their own fancy rules to make the game a little spicier. Don’t be fooled, though; these rules go for everyone, so what you can dish out in +4 Draw Cards may just come flying back at you.

10. Among Us

Image by InnerSloth

A popular game turned classic pastime, Among Us is a great title to waste time within your friend circle. The game’s only changed in cosmetic and Battle Pass-like details since its launch, so there is a little to worry about if you last played a while ago. Without powerups in play, Among Us still operates fundamentally the same, with optional Imposter counts and all sorts of other game settings at your disposal if you can manage to fill an entire lobby with only your friends.

9. 100% Orange Juice

Image by Orange and Fruitbat Factory

100% Orange Juice is an adorable-looking card/board game where the objective changes based on your chosen character. Using cards to attack, defend, set traps, and buff your character, progress around the board to collect Stars to reach the game’s primary objective. If you pick specific characters for your lineup, your objective may give you an option for quicker wins, like taking out as many opponents as possible within a turn limit. This game is all about betrayal and doing anything you can to get ahead of your opponent, so evaluating the cards you have, that can make that happen is astoundingly important.

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8. Phasmophobia

Image by Kinetic Games

The group hunting game Phasmophobia is another excellent multiplayer title, almost entirely meant for groups to play together online. It’s a fun experience where you work with fellow hobbyist ghost hunters to discover what ghost is haunting the premises before returning to base. With newly polished quality-of-life fixes in the modern day, Phasmophobia is a far better experience than it was a few years ago, making it great for both new and veteran ghost hunters alike.

7. Duck Game

Image by Landon Podbielski

Duck Game is a 2D platforming fighting game where the last duck standing wins. This duck fits the bill nicely if you want a high-action, speedy game to brawl out with your friend group. With tons of quirky customization options for your feathered avatar, there’s plenty to unlock as you navigate the bullet frenzy with others. Rounds are quick, lasting less than 10 minutes each from start to finish. While it isn’t the easiest game to learn at first, it can be rewarding once you get the mechanics down — expertly using them to take out your closest friends without mercy.

6. Gang Beasts

Image by Boneloaf

Gang Beasts is an experience you can share on the couch with a few friends in person or take online to play with friends far away. This ragdoll physics fighting game walked so many other games like Human Fall Flat and Party Animals could run with a bag of gold in their hands. Even spectating for a game like this can be fun. Gang Beasts ultimately answered the question that players presented when they’d rather mess with their friends in Human Fall Flat instead of helping them. And if your friends aren’t online, Gang Beasts is still fun to play online with strangers.

5. Finding Bigfoot

Image by CyberLight Game Studio

Similar to Phasmophobia, Finding Bigfoot takes the concept and applies it to the most elusive urban legend on the US mainland. This game takes the horror aspect further, with a gigantic Bigfoot pursuing you from the forest depths. You can organize a multiplayer game night with your friends in two ways with this game. If you tire of working together with your friends to catch Bigfoot, you can always opt to make one of the players Bigfoot instead, making it a player vs. player chaotic free-for-all.

4. Fall Guys

Image by Mediatonic

Fall Guys is a colorful, whimsical game that features little bean men running towards the goal. Accompanied by friends, this game is a great time all around, not requiring much skill to play or even master. If you want a lighthearted, innocently fun game for game night, this game is the best kind to go with. It’s a great way to cool off from the tension that some of these other games may dredge up, so use your library to its fullest extent!

3. Party Animals

Image by ReCreate Games

If you liked Gang Beasts, then you’ll love Party Animals. This game takes the formula a fuzzy and fantastic step forward by offering a visual upgrade to the party and introducing mechanics that Gang Beasts doesn’t have. When players are knocked out of the game, they can cause havoc by throwing bombs and other items into the ring to help move KO progress along for those who are still on the screen.

Climbing and punching mechanics are a tad easier, and you can find things like tasers and crossbows on the field to shock your other friends into submission. Party Animals comes absolutely littered with cute skins, so if you have a collector friend, you may want to check in on them to make sure they aren’t spending too much money for a cute cat with an eyepatch.

2. Minecraft

Image by Mojang Studios

The go-to solution for an online group with nothing else to do: build a new Minecraft server! Minecraft is a far better game than it was a few years ago, with new additions to the old game that you may or may not have played on your 360 back in the day. Just about everything concerning the base game is different.

The Nether is an entirely different color, the water is no longer safe, and we have bees and cherry blossoms! Creating a Minecraft together with your friends can be a wholesome and memorable experience, so if you haven’t given it a shot yet, now’s the time. The game’s on every console you can think of in the modern day, with cross-play more healthy than it’s ever been.

1. Jackbox Games

Image by Jackbox Games

If you’re looking for the ultimate party pack to really unlock with your friends, convince the one with the biggest wallet to buy Jackbox Games. This pack of games is an assortment of minigames that rely on imagination, drawing talent, and perfectly timed jokes to be fun for everyone.

One of the greatest parts about Jackbox is that only one person needs to own the software for everyone to play. The rest of the players only need a phone, tablet, or PC to join in on the fun. Games like Tee-KO are a riot to play with a friend group that knows each other’s sense of humor well, so bring your best memes to the table if you want to come out on top.