The best skill combinations in Garena Free Fire

Assemble the best combinations in Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is full of characters with unique abilities and talents, and finding the right combinations of characters is what will be the difference between a win and a loss. And mixing-and-matching the characters is a big part of the game. It’s important to find the right combo.

Each of the combinations we have listed here can be huge in different situations, and knowing how to get through each of those situations is a huge part of the game.

Joseph, Rafael, Jota, Caroline

This group is a great option for people looking to be on the move while fighting. You can use Caroline’s ability to give you extra speed when using a shotgun, which will benefit Jota’s ability to instantly regenerate your health when killing with an SMG or shotgun. Then you have Rafael’s ability to hide your location on the map for eight seconds.

Alok, Laura, Kelly, Moco

If you are looking to keep your group fighting from a distance, then this combination is one to consider. You will be able to move around faster, meaning you can get away from your sniping spots easier, and also higher accuracy to pull off those long-range shots when you need to. Then heal your team up with Alok’s healing aura.

Rafael, Joseph, Laura, Miguel

Another excellent long-range combination, this one is heavily benefited from Rafael’s ability to hide your location on the map for eight seconds. It’s huge for when other players come looking for you. Then Joseph will help to get you out of any sticky situation.

Sverr, A124, Miguel, Hayato

Sverr can grant you a 20% boost to your damage at the cost of 30 HP, but you then counteract that with A124’s healing abilities. Miguel will then give you your EP back after a kill, which fuels A124’s ability. Then you round it out with Hayato’s armor boost.

Alok, Caroline, Kelly, Joseph

Another great choice for close-quarters combatants, this is a great combination for you to use with shotguns. You get that extra speed from Caroline, another boost from Joseph, healing from Alok, and Kelly giving even more speed to your character. You can run in, hit them hard, and run right back out.

Jota, Nikita, Joseph, Alok

Use SMG’s with this combination as it perfectly suits those kinds of weapons. Jota will boost your ability with the guns, and then Nikita can take your reloading speed even further. Then, Alok can give you the healing you need, and Joseph keeps your speed up so high.

Alok, Jota, Shani, Joseph

This combo will give you a lot of health and armor to take some damage. Shani will help you recycle your gear, Jota will give you Sustained Roads and boost if you kill with an SMG or shotgun. Joseph will help with your movement, as well.

Hayato, Wolfrahh, A124, Joseph

To take on an enemy one-on-one, this is the best combination for it. You will get a boost to your armor-piercing damage from Hayato, Wolfrahh will help with limb damage, and A124 can give a bump in your health. You can really round it out with any other skills you want, but we prefer Joseph just for the movement speed boost.

Alok, Moco, Joseph, Paloma

Paloma is the weak link of this group, though not in a way that is detrimental to the team. Alok will give you his healing abilities, Moco can help tag an enemy’s location, and Joseph will keep you guys moving faster. Paloma will give you some spare inventory space, which is certainly useful but not the most necessary of abilities.

Alok, Laura, Hayato, Kelly

This is arguably the end-all-be-all combination that you can use in Garena Free Fire as it offers just about every benefit from the rest of these combinations. It gives you faster movement, higher accuracy, and will benefit you in the short-range battles and the long-range ones. If you want to do a great job in all aspects of the game, then this is the combination to use.