Best starting characters in Bleeding Edge

What character should you use first?

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Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer-centric game that pits two teams of four players against one another, attempting to complete a specific objective. These objectives vary based on the type of game mode you jumped on, and each character has a different focus, making some better than others based on how you pair them with your teammates. Overall, for those who are jumping into the game the first time, it’s important to have an idea of some good characters to start with before trying out more advanced ones.


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Daemon is a melee-based attacker who focuses on charging at the enemy and diving their flanks. You want to spend most of your time on this character dashing up to range-based enemies to throw them off balance, using your Shift ability to surge forward and dash in and out of their range of fire. If they attempt to get too far away from you, use your Shuriken ability to slow them down and prevent them from escaping. You always have your Stealth ability if you need to sneak up on a large group of enemies, coupling with your Shadow Strike super and your Death Mark. Shadow Strike attacks all enemies in a specific range, damaging them for a percentage of their maximum health, and Death Mark allows Daemon to deal extra damage to any marked enemy, refreshing the super if killed while it’s still activated.


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Nidhoggr is another melee-based attacker character. Instead of using a sword, Nidhoggr uses a guitar axe to strike through enemies. You can use your Powerslide to close distances between you and running range-based characters. The fire this leaves behind stays for a bit, damaging any enemies that pass through it. If the enemy is too far away, you can use your Boomitar, where you throw your weapon at enemies, slowing them down if it hits them. If you’re able to land an attack when it returns to you, the enemy is stunned. Your final special is Fire Breath, where Nidhoggr releases a firey breath, damaging enemies over time. Your supers primarily support your allies, giving them an opening. Death Growl silences all nearby enemies, preventing them from using abilities, and Ride the Lightning stuns all nearby enemies.


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ZeroCool is a ranged hero who acts the team’s support, healing them over time and adding an element of surprise to many aspects during a fight. You can launch your Firewall ability, creating an impassable wall that enemies cannot go through. It doesn’t block any attacks, but it can provide your team breathing room from melee enemies. If a specific character on your team is taking damage, you want to give them your Recharge ability to heal them continuously. However, you don’t want to do it forever and want to power it down to have it recharge. You can also toss out a bot to follow an ally, giving them additional firepower, and they can detect enemies in stealth. ZeroCool’s supers include 1up that goes on an ally, and if they, while it’s activated, they return to life. The other is Upgrade Protection, and it increases the armor of all nearby allies.

El Bastardo

El Bastardo is a melee tank character, who dashes straight into a fight and protects his allies at close range. You want to start a fight using the Leap of Faith ability, rushing at an opponent, and stunning them on contact. When you’re in the middle of a fight, unleash your Death Spiral attack to become a sword tornado, damaging all nearby enemies. You can steal an enemy’s life by using your Empower ability, and any health you capture goes to your Life Support shields, giving you additional protections. Your supers include Unbreaking, which prevents you from dying for a short time, and this time increases as you deal damage, and Overload, where your Life Support shields have too much power, damaging any enemy near you.


Tales of Zestiria

Certainly, one of the more difficult support characters to play, Kulev, is a great introduction to some of the harder mechanics in Bleeding Edge. Kulev uses a ranged spit to damage enemies, and his passive consistently heals allies that are nearby him. You can summon a ward in Sacred Ground to damage any enemies in it, and heal any allies in it, making it a great ability to use in the middle of a melee encounter. If you notice an ally is taking damage, you can use Good Omen to give them a protective shield, or double-tap the ability to give it to yourself. When your team is focusing a particularly powerful enemy, use Curse on them, so they take additional damage from all sources. Kulev’s supers include Boon that empowers an ally to give them a boost of damage, speed, and defense and Bamboozle!, where you take over an enemy and have them fight on your behalf.