Best Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters: Tiered Rankings

As with any game where you have to collect and train various characters for battle, Pokémon Masters has several characters that are leagues better than the others.

The meta is still young, but even then the usefulness of some characters in the very speed based gameplay is night and day compared to others. This ranking list is going to breakdown the best characters based on their role while giving a few key points about why that Sync Pair is better or worse than the others.

Any unit that isn’t currently available in the game will not be featured on the list even if we know about their stats and abilities, purely because there isn’t enough gameplay evidence for how good or bad they are.

Strike Rankings:

These are the Sync Pairs that specifically focus on offense, whether that be physical or special attacks. Since Strike encompasses mostly glass cannons, there is little focus on health or above-average defenses.

Brendan & Treecko

By far the best early game pair because of its ability to boost stats freely. Very weak in the defensive stats, but perfect for an all-out rush or a lineup with some good tanks. Have fun trying to pull him though, the five-star odds aren’t great, and the Gems aren’t abundant.

Olivia & Lycanroc

Another five-star powerhouse that can bless your team if you pull her. Boosting physical attack and getting crits with Stone Edge is the name of the game. A perfect offensive weapon for most occasions, especially in the early game. It also helps that it is the best attacker that isn’t a Mega.

Karen & Houndoom

Oh look, another five-star striker, but at least Karen is a special attacker. Houndoom hits hard and is probably the best Fire-type in the game at this point. When it Mega Evolves it gets even stronger. It can hit hard, reduce opponent’s stats, and inflict Flinch – overall solid if you can keep it protected.

Barry & Empoleon

The easiest of the four to get, Barry is unlocked through completing Story Missions and becomes a solid attacker that can tank hits too. Empoleon’s stats are pretty average compared to some of the other options, but it is a great choice for casuals. If you pair it with some slower attackers, its speed control can carry a team.

Tech Rankings:

The role that revolves most around inflicting stat changes to the opponent or inflicting negative status ailments. Usually, each pair will be competent at both offense and defense.

Crasher Wake & Floatzel

Put out the fire, Crasher Wake! Run from electricity, Crasher Wake! You won’t be on the defensive for long using Floatzel, delaying your opponent with Flinch or Confusion status while building up for the big blow. Critical hits are your friend here, while prolonged battles are not.

Agatha & Gengar

Time for the next Mega on the list, but this one is even more fragile than Houndoom. The words Gengar and Shadow Ball in the same sentence is enough to tell you why this pairing is great, be extremely careful when building around it.

Sophocles & Togedemaru

Weird pairing, but rolling with the Steel and Electric-type Pokémon will take you places. Decent defenses, an ability that boosts both speed and attack, along with the ability to paralyze opponents is too good to pass up.

Support Rankings:

If it wasn’t obvious, this is the tank role that will feature Pokémon with large amounts of health, limited offensive capabilities, and useful abilities to help teammates succeed.

Phoebe & Dusclops

The bulkiest of ghouls, Dusclops has no offense but will live forever. Stat buffing, including the ever-helpful raise for Critical Hit rates, make this one pair you can’t pass up. Especially if you plan on building offensively around one tank since Dusclops can replenish the Move Gauge too.

Rosa & Serperior

Free to play for the win! Rosa not only brings a tanky Grass-type that is viable, and she is also the best pair you get from playing the story at the moment. Serperior can tank hits, boost teammate’s stats, and is easy to train up. The only downside is the limited offensive options and low speed.

Marley & Arcanine

Probably the only other viable Fire-type available in the game, Arcanine lets trainers ignore Status Conditions by removing and negating them with its ability We’re Standing Strong! Solid speed and Fire-typing make this a solid pick all around.

There are dozens of other Sync Pairs available in Pokémon Masters, but these are currently some of the most viable based on their abilities or the ease in which they can be trained. Sometimes a reliable build is better than the flashy one that everyone is using.

And as a rule of thumb, if a Pokémon is slow and doesn’t provide much in the form of stat-boosting or useful offensive skills, it probably can be replaced very easily with something better. Pokémon Masters offers a lot of options, but there is a lot of garbage.