Best tanks in War Thunder

Load up the turrets.

Image via War Thunder

War Thunder offers access to an endless supply of tanks, designed and constructed by countries worldwide. This guide will recommend several of them, taking into account vehicle protection, maneuverability, enjoyability, and, most importantly, overall value out on the battlefield.

Ariete PSO

Image via War Thunder Wiki

The tank gun on the Ariete, otherwise known as the armament, is one of the best in War Thunder, as it has excellent penetration capabilities. It also has good armor, especially around the turret. However, the mobility of this Italian tank is not the greatest.

Challenger 2

Image via War Thunder Wiki

Best defined as a sniper and support tank, the Challenger is equipped with an extremely accurate main cannon, solid optics, and fast reload times. Additionally, this British tank has great turret cheek protection and quick reverse speeds. However, some areas around the tank have armor vulnerabilities.

CV 90120

Image via War Thunder Wiki

A true glass cannon — the CV 90120 has excellent gun and reload times, paired with great mobility. The armor on this Swedish build, though, is non-existent. The recommended playstyle is to sit back and maintain overwatch of specific battlefield areas, as close-quarter combat is a recipe for disaster.


Image via War Thunder Wiki

This French tank is well-designed with reliable protection, has a quick autoloader, and excels in long-range engagements, resulting in good survivability out on the battlefield. Additionally, the Leclerc is exceptionally mobile, has superior acceleration, and maneuvers well.

Leopard 2A5

Image via War Thunder Wiki

Bulky in size and is a bit slower overall — However, the Leopard 2A5 possesses a massive 120mm gun, making it capable of penetrating most who stand in its path. Additionally, it has solid armor, especially around the turret cheeks, making this German tank immune to most shells.

M1A2 Abrams

Image via War Thunder Wiki

Considered as an all-around ‘jack of all trades’ tank, the Abrams is capable of any role bestowed to it. Superb protection, firepower, mobility, and highly adaptable to any environment. Additionally, the turret is challenging to penetrate and can eliminate aircraft or helicopters if required. Nevertheless, this American tank is easy to penetrate, so drivers must act strategically in combat.

Syrv 122

Excellent armor in the tank’s frontal area, roof, and turret — translating into an aggressive playstyle. The Syrv 122 also benefits from solid speed and maneuverability. Additionally, this tank fires off DM33 shells, which is considered a very high penetrating firepower. Overall, the Syrv 122 is considered to be one of the top-tier tanks in-game.


Image via War Thunder Wiki

The key to success with this Soviet tank is not letting your enemy have a clear line of sight of your side armor because ammo is stored vertically here, making it highly vulnerable in this area. Despite that, the T-80U is very agile for its size and weight while also sitting quite low to the ground, making it very deadly, especially when hiding behind a hilltop or ditch. Additionally, the turret is profoundly accurate, and the armor is solid.

Type 90 (B)

Image via War Thunder Wiki

Hosting a relatively small profile, autoloaded 120 mm cannon, great suspension, and substantial mobility, Type 90 is a force to be reckoned with in either Rural or Urban combat engagements. It’s worth noting that despite adequate armor protection in the turret and upper front plate, other areas of the tank proved to be weaker in comparison, so operators will need to stay diligent. Nevertheless, In the right hands, this Japanese tank is very competent.


Image via War Thunder Wiki

This Chinese tank has a powerful gun and high penetrating rounds, combined with the strongest HR shells in the game. Additionally, the ZTZ96A has a low profile and excellent all-around armor. However, mobility and speed are a bit below average.