What is the Best Team To Play For in NBA 2K20 MyCareer?

After you build the perfect player, you get to make the most important decision of your offline experience – which team you are going actually to play for.

This is something that a lot of players do based on their favorite teams, but you also need to take into account what position you are playing and the competition you will have for playing time on whatever roster you are joining. In most cases, you are going to start on the bench no matter what, but there are several teams in the league that have particular needs, which you can easily fill.

So if you want to go to a team where you will have the most impact, this is the guide for you. And here are the factors this list is based on:

  • Winning teams are where you will see the most bang for your buck in terms of rewards, so going to a team with a high potential for being a solid performer with or without you is your best bet. Eastern Conference is where you want to be unless you have a strong preference for taking on the juggernaut teams that are extremely good in the simulation that fill out the Western side of the league.
  • After looking over all of the rosters, this list was built with individual positions in mind based on things like bench depth, the strength of competition, and positional fit. So if you see something that doesn’t make sense to your basketball-loving mind, try to see it from that point of view.
  • Each listing will show the relevant players that will be fighting for a starting or backup position on the roster in the selected position. This is to show who you will need to beat out to get the starting spot. Most players mentions won’t be above an 80 overall or have high potential. Otherwise, it would be a tough spot.

Taking that info into account, here are the recommended teams for each position in MyCareer.

What is the Best Team To Play For in NBA 2K20 MyCareer?

Point Guard

Team Current Position DepthRecommended Playstyle
Chicago BullsCoby White, Kris Dunn, Tomas SatoranskyShooter
Miami HeatGoran DragicPlaymaker/Shooter
Los Angeles LakersRajon Rondo, Quinn CookShooter
Orlando MagicD.J. Augustin, Markelle FultzPlaymaker
Phoenix SunsRicky RubioPlaymaker/Shooter

This should be an easy choice if you want the easy wins, especially since the Heat has only one PG in the aging Dragic who will start to decline and can pretty easily be beaten out. You also will get Jimmy Butler to play within the weakened East, so that is another plus. The Magic are also a solid choice, especially since they are a more well-rounded roster. Overall and have better bigs. The Lakers are also going to be extremely overdone, so make your choice as you will.

Shooting Guard

Team Current Position DepthRecommended Playstyle
Memphis GrizzliesGrayson Allen, Dillon BrooksThree and D
Atlanta HawksKevin HuerterThree and D
Los Angeles LakersDanny GreenShooter
Detroit PistonsLuke KennardThree and D
Minnesota TimberwolvesJarrett CulverShooter

In all honesty, you will probably be building a Three and D build regardless of where you go because of how much the defensive side of the game has been improved this time around. All five of these teams offer little to no competition for the starting position, but the best options probably come down to the Lakers and Pistons.

Playing with Lebron James and Anthony Davis is a huge plus, but they also will require a lot of ball time, while playing with Blake Griffin is less flashy, but he is the only other ball-dominant star on the team, and the Pistons are in the East. It is up to preference, but playing with the Pistons is where you will end up having the greatest impact.

Small Forward

Team Current Position DepthRecommended Playstyle
Miami HeatJustise Winslow, James JohnsonShooter
Denver NuggetsWill Barton, Michale Porter Jr.Defense Oriented
Indiana PacersT.J. Warren, Jeremy LambShooter
Toronto RaptorsRondae Hollis-Jefferson, Norman PowellShooter
Portland Trail BlazersRodney HoodDefense Oriented

A lot of players on this list are tweeners or players who play two positions depending on the other players at their position. By far the hardest place to start in will be with the Pacers, but it is also the best fit because you will have two excellent guards and big men to play with. The Raptors might not have Kahwi Leonard anymore, but they do still have some good players that need a solid wing scorer. That might be the next best option based on the sheer impact you can have.

Power Forward

Team Current Position DepthRecommended Playstyle
Boston CelticsDaniel Theis, Robert WilliamsPost Lockdown
Miami HeatKelly Olynyk, Meyers LeonardStretch Four
Brooklyn NetsTaurean Prince, Rodions KurucsPost Lockdown
Houston RocketsP.J. TuckerPost Lockdown
Portland Trail BlazersZach Collins, Pau GasolStretch Four

If you want to join a contender and still make an impact, this is your chance. Four of the five teams listed here are title contenders with basically no competition at all for the PF position. Most of them would prefer you to play a post scoring role that can also defend well, but if you go in as a shooter, it won’t be hard to fill the role either. The Rockets or Celtics are probably your best bet for making a lasting impact, but going with Houston is perhaps your best bet.


Team Current Position DepthRecommended Playstyle
Atlanta HawksAlex Len, Damian JonesPost Lockdown
Boston CelticsEnes KanterRebounder
Sacramento KingsDewayne Dedmon, Richaun Holmes, Harry GilesPost Lockdown
San Antonio SpursJakob PoeltlPost Lockdown
Golden State WarriorsWillie Cauley-Stein, Kevon LooneyPost Lockdown

The Spurs and Warriors are your best bet here, and you can probably go with whatever skill set you want. They just need a Center that can grab rebounds and defend, but there are going to be opportunities to play off stars like Steph Curry and DeMar DeRozan. Both sides also have a great cast of players and lots of shooting, so it will be fun for any big who likes to grab boards off of missed shots.

You really can’t go wrong with joining a lot of rosters in the NBA after what happened during the offseason as long as you avoid the Charlotte Hornets at all costs. There is no amount of playing 2K that should make you want to try and save that dumpster fire.