The best teams in Mobile Legends: Adventure

Strongest heroes join in a team to defeat the monsters.

Image via Moonton

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a widely popular idle RPG game in which players can make a team of five heroes and fight against monsters in amazing storylines. The game offers over 100 heroes, all bringing different skills and roles to the team. In order to win against the monsters, you need to get a balanced, powerful squad based on their roles.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Heroes Roles

  • Tank: These heroes play the role of preventing other heroes from dying by disrupting the monsters.
  • Mage: Mages give magic damage to the monsters from a distance and play an essential role in helping the fighter in the game.
  • Support: These heroes support the other heroes by healing and protecting them from the monsters.
  • Fighter: Fighter heroes lead the team and are perfect for close-range fights because they excel at dealing and surviving damage.
  • Marksman: Marksmen provide continuous damage to the monsters from a distance to take the toughest enemies down.

Best team line-ups in Mobile Legends: Adventures

An ideal team should have at least one fighter and tank to get the upper hand in the game, and here is the list of the five best teams in Mobile Legends: Adventure:

  • Karina, Badang, Argus, Angela, Alice
  • Freya, Lolita, Gatotchaka, Rafaela, Valir
  • Karina, Gatotchaka, Angela, Valir, Kadita
  • Badang, Lancelot, Grock, Argus, Chan’E
  • Minsittar, Akai, Alice, Angela, Clint

The above listed teams are put together based on the power of heroes and their roles, although it is suggested that you pick the hero that you have practiced the most and know the best.