Best water-based dinosaurs for PvP in ARK: Survival Evolved

Things can be better under the sea.

Image via Studio Wildcard

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Ark: Survival Evolved has a lot of different biomes, but not many are as frustrating or as daunting to players as being underwater. With a plethora of different dangers lurking beneath the waters of the oceans in Ark as well as the minimal visibility, it’s often the go-to place to build for players once they’ve achieved Tek tier. This list will provide the best of the dinosaurs for underwater PvP and raiding in order of their usefulness and strength in raids.

1. Megachelon

Screenshot by Gamepur

A massive turtle-like creature, the Megachelon was introduced in the Genesis map. With its massive HP pool, as well as the ability it has to spawn Oxygen bubbles off its back whilst submerged, the Megachelon is ideal for raiding underwater. It’s also able to survive on land, which means it can be used as a hybrid soaker. Its back is also a platform for building, which means you can operate a mobile FOB off this passively tamed mega-turtle.

2. Tusoteuthis

Screenshot by Gamepur

A massive squid found more commonly in the depths of the oceans, this many-armed creature is a valuable underwater tame. With a huge HP pool and the ability to hit incredibly hard, the Tuso is useful in a variety of settings. Their long tentacles can grab tames and grip them whilst pummeling their captured prey, and they are also immune to the electrocution effects of both Cnidaria and Electrophorus which means you can safely swim about underwater. Their huge HP pool is also useful to soak turrets of the underwater bases.

3. Mosasaur

Screenshot by Gamepur

Large, fast, and lethal these massive creatures can deal damage as well as take it. Unlike the Tuso, the Mosa is susceptible to electric attacks which can place you in a very uncomfortable and lethal situation. The Mosa reaches its potential through breeding and its platform saddle allows Tribes to use it as both a soaker and a mobile FOB. The Mosa is also able to wear a Tek saddle, which is very useful for ranged damage during underwater raids.

4. Megalodon

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Megalodon is a fast, agile beast that is quite easily tamed in comparison to some of the other underwater tames. Along with its ability to do bleeding damage, the Megalodon is a great PvP combat option. It also has a Tek saddle that increases its range and allows it to gun down defenses, while its speed allows it to blast through gaps in defenses and into a base if needed.

5. Basilosaurus

Screenshot by Gamepur

A gentle small whale, the Basi is a passive tame which means it’s perfect for a starter underwater tank. Not the fastest creature, but able to protect itself and its rider from incoming electrical stuns underwater. With a good enough saddle, the Basi is capable of soaking incoming turret damage, as well as being able to hold its own against other underwater tames. The Basi does however have a depth limit, and once it goes too deep it starts to take damage-over-time.

6. Ichthyosaurus

Screenshot by Gamepur

The dolphin of the water, the Ichi is a passive tame. Fast agile, the Ichi can outrun most other underwater tames. Due to its friendly and curious nature, taming an Ichi is simple and like the Pteranadon is the first dinosaur for players looking to get off dry land.

Honorable Mentions


The Dunkleosteus is a large creature, but its true potential lies in its ability to farm massive amounts of oil and metal from underwater nodes. This armored toothy fish is less of a PvP creature, but still something to keep around to help you achieve your PvP goals.


As the Astrodelphis was already covered in the air-based PvP list, it hasn’t been featured here, but the Astrodelphis is a fast, agile creature that can be used underwater similarly to a Megalodon. Its offensive abilities make it a highly valuable guard for your raids.