Best Ways To Get Money In Blox Fruits

No get-rich-quick schemes.

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In the quest to become the strongest Blox Fruit user or master swordsman in Blox Fruits, you need to accumulate a lot of money. Referred to as Beli in the game, amassing money is going to take time and will gradually happen as you progress in the game. However, there are strategies you can employ to get money faster in Blox Fruits.

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Farming Bosses

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Participating in boss battles is arguably the best way to accumulate Beli quickly. Defeating any bosse yields 25,000 Beli as well as rare drops that can be sold for additional currency. Needless to say, bosses are more challenging than regular NPCs but provide higher rewards.

Jumping Servers

One very underrated way of earning money fast is through server hopping. If you get tired and bored of your own server, you can join other servers to explore more. This also means you’ll be able to slay the bosses and Sea Beasts in other servers to stack up money. Furthermore, this strategy is great for countering the spawn timers of bosses.

Opening Chests

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Roaming the game world and exploring different islands and areas can lead you to treasure chests. Opening these chests often rewards you with Beli and sometimes rare items. Make it a point to explore various regions to maximize your earnings through chest loots. One of the best regions to look for chests is Sky Island, which will need the ability to fly to reach.

Getting Multiplier

While not a method to directly earn in-game currency, investing in game passes using Robux can get you the 2x multiplier, which will double any amount you earn during a specific period. Of course, you’ll likely need to spend real money to grab the game pass, which isn’t an option for many F2P players.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, complete on focussing quests to earn money. The deeper you are into the game, the harder quests you will get, which in turn will grant more Beli upon completion. You can also farm NPC mobs if you are looking to make easy money.