Best ways to grind for emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Get rich in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the typical Minecraft experience. There’s very little of the actual Minecraft in the game. Emeralds, however, remain a Minecraft staple. Emeralds have the same role in both games: currency. In the original game, emeralds can be traded to the Wandering Trader for items. The Wandering Trader is also in Minecraft Dungeons and still loves his emeralds. 

Trading has a bigger role in Minecraft Dungeons than in original Minecraft. Both the Wandering Trader and the Blacksmith will trade items for emeralds after you get them set up in your camp. 

You can get emeralds in three ways:

  • Defeating Enemies
  • Opening Chests
  • Salvaging Weapons

The most common way to find emeralds is by defeating enemies. Keen-eyed players likely noticed this already. One tip is to equip an axe with the Prospector Enchantment. Prospector increases the number of emeralds dropped from defeated mobs. The higher the enchantment level, the more emeralds will drop. This doesn’t need to be your main weapon, but having a Prospector axe will speed up the emerald grind. 

Prospector isn’t the only item that will increase dropped emeralds. The Last Laugh will also increase the number of emeralds dropped from enemies. The Last Laugh is a pair of sickles that deals low damage at high speeds and causes mobs to drop more emeralds. It’s a high-level weapon that isn’t likely to be obtained early in the game.

Other than items and enemies, emeralds are often found in chests. There’s no way to improve your odds of finding chests that we know of. Just explore the entire dungeon to make sure you don’t miss any.

Salvaging weapons can give you emeralds and free up some inventory space. You’re going to end up with a lot of duplicate weapons or older weapons as you progress. If you’d like some emeralds out of them, use the Salvage button on the right side, above the Enchanting information.