Best ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2

Time to get paid.

Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 has quite a bit to offer players in terms of content these days. The game launched back in 2012 and developer ArenaNet has continued to support it with new expansions and updates over its life cycle. However, if you want to engage with some of that content, most notably cosmetics, new items, and mounts, you’re going to need quite a bit of gold. Earning that gold can be difficult, especially for newer players. If you need some pointers in the right direction, we’ve collected a few of the best ways to make gold below.

Playing the Trading Post

Like many MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has its own player auction house in the form of the trading post. Here, you can buy and sell items to hopefully make a profit. One popular method is selling off all of the crafting materials you don’t need. Doing this often can help build up a nice nest egg to help with the next option.

Once you have a bit of gold to play with, you can start to work the Trading Post for even more profits. Like trading stock in real life, buying low and selling high takes quite a bit of work and a thorough understanding of the market. However, if you can get it down, it’s a great way to make lots of gold.

Daily work

Image via ArenaNet

Every single day, there’s content you can complete in-game to give you gold. The easiest is probably the three daily achievements that you can finish for two gold each day. You can also travel to different farming spots around the world to pick up new crafting materials. For a full list of all of the permanent nodes, check out this database at GW2 Efficiency.

Alongside these daily quests, you can use those materials to craft new items that you can sell at the Trading Post, or to sell the raw materials themselves on the TP. Also, if you’re acquiring excess currency (think Spirit Shards, Karma, etc.) you can convert it to gold to help give you that daily boost.

Raids, Strikes, and Fractals

Another way to build up your wallet is to join in on some group content. For example, Fractal dailies, Strike dailies, or weekly raid bosses offer both new gear and gold-making opportunities. Practice makes perfect here, so don’t stress if your first few runs aren’t smooth. Many guilds offer raid and Fractal training.

Map meta events

These are introduced with the Living World updates and provide players with a great way to grind out new rewards. By searching the LFG tool for groups that are running the content together, you can run these very efficiently. This will result in tons of loot bags that contain items you can easily sell to vendors or break down into mats to sell at the Trading Post.

The Silverwastes is a map that is open to all players (look for RIBA groups on the LFG), and other profitable maps are locked behind expansions or seasons/sagas. The Drizzlewood Coast was released during the Icebrood Saga, Dragonfall was the finale of Season 4, and the Domain of Istan was the first episode of Season 4. There are also profitable metas to be run in the Heart of Thorns regions, including the daily Hero’s Choice Chest for each map. Select the Amalgamated Gemstone and pocket 1-2 gold by selling it on the TP.

Of course, these are just a few of the best ways to make gold in Guild Wars 2. Especially if you’re a newer player, following these tips should help get you on the right track quickly.