Best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The best tools for the ultimate Viking experience.

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From quick daggers to heavy greatswords, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a weapon for every playstyle. Each weapon has a feature: some increase your damage, others increase speed, others add an effect to your enemies. Weapons can be enhanced at the blacksmith, paired with other weapons, and improved through your skill trees.

The best weapon is subjective, and Ubisoft states this in an early weapon guide. A weapon’s strength and utility will depend on your playstyle. If you prefer fast, dual weapons, daggers will be a good choice for you. If you like weapons that are heavy but deal large amounts of damage, pick a greatsword or a Dane axe. You can upgrade weapons through multiple tiers. One of the things that makes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla enjoyable is the lack of a singular best weapon.

There are nine different types of weapons, divided into four categories: dual wield weapons, two-handed weapons, bows, and shields. We’re comparing the weapons’ starting stats and effects to determine the best weapon because stats can change and grow, but the weapon’s effects mean more than the base stats.

The in-game store will have the absolute best weapons, dropped in DLCs and other add-on options; they have the highest stats, strongest damage, and the best stats. We’re leaving these out; otherwise, the entire list would be the price of the weapons.

Best bows

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Bows are your ranged weapon option. You can equip only one at a time, and it takes a different slot than your main weapon; however, you cannot use both at the same time. There are three types of bows: light bows, hunter bows, and predator bows. Light bows are faster with lower damage; hunter bows have moderate damage and range; predator bows are the Viking equivalent of a sniper rifle.

Light Bow: Death-Skald

Light bows are good if you alternate between your ranged weapon and main weapons in combat. If you find yourself relying on your bow during a fight, you want a light bow; their range is the lowest of all bows. They have a higher rate of fire and you can carry more arrows than with other bows.

The Death-Skald makes the best bow on stats alone because it is a light bow, has a shorter range, and the increased damage makes a big difference. With a powerful stun and a strong attack, the Death-Skald is a good, free bow you can pick up early while exploring. It will increase your critical chance based on your weight. The lighter you are, the higher your chance, which is not the best one for the bow, but it works well with the weapon’s maneuverability.

The bow can be found at the Bergdinges Roman Ruins. The chest containing the bow is underwater, and you’ll be in for a swim. The area is also high level. You can get it early if you’re careful and avoid enemies. The chest is in the back of the ruins. You can’t come up for air after you enter, but the path is pretty clear. Enter on the east side and go along the wall. You’ll see a fallen statue with an item to collect. Swim through the gap and two the chest. Collect the weapon and anything else in the area and swim out.

Hunter Bow: Death-Speaker

Hunter bows are the halfway point between light and predator bows, having moderate range and damage. You can carry less arrows than the light bows, but have more range and strength.

The Death-Speaker starts with lower stats than the Death-Skald, but it offers better range and ability. The Death-Speaker will restore 25% of your health when you hit a target’s weak points. As the range is lower than the predator bow, increasing and restoring health without using your rations is very useful.

The Death-Speaker can be purchased from the Repton vendor for 360 silver.

Predator Bow: Recurve Bow or Needler

Predator bows are strong, sniper-like ranged weapons. Using a predator bow will limit your field of vision, which is a fair trade for the increased range and damage. Predator bows also have limited ammunition to balance these potent bows further.

The best predator bows are the Recurve Bow or the Needler. The Needler’s unique effect has more utility in specialized scenarios. Landing a stealth headshot on an enemy will create a sleep cloud on the target that will affect nearby enemies. The Recurve Bow has a generalist buff, increasing your damage at full health. Under normal circumstances, we dislike things that buff attack at full health, as the buffs can be quickly lost. However, due to the ranged, stationary nature of predator bows, this is our exception.

The Needler can be bought from the vendor in Repton for 380 silver. The Recurve Bow can be found underground in an enemy encampment in the Rygjafyke region. Go to the Haervik Shipyard, clear the enemies, and go to the center of the Shipyard. Take the ladder down to find the chest.

Best one handed weapons:

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As the name implies, one-handed weapons are weapons that only need one hand to use, and can be paired with another one-handed weapon for dual wield possibilities, or they can be partnered with a shield for blocking. One-handed weapons are often lightweight and have buffs on quick attacks or backstabs.

Bearded Axe: Varin’s Axe or Housecarl’s Axe

Bearded axes are lightweight, one-handed axes that have decent damage and quick maneuverability. Two bearded axes stand out among their competition: Varin’s Axe and Housecarl’s Axe.

Varin’s Axe is Eivor’s father’s axe, and one of the first weapons you receive in the game. When you first recover it, you cannot use it until you’ve repaired it at the blacksmith. Varin’s Axe may not have the best starting stats, but it is an early game item and can be leveled at the blacksmith as you level and earn the materials. Varin’s Axe increases your speed after each hit, stacking up to ten times.

Housecarl’s Axe is very similar in stats; the attack is slightly lower with a slightly higher speed. It increases attack after each hit, stacking up to ten. The effect makes up for its lower attack. If you’re looking for dual-wield axes, these two pair very well together. It can be found in an enemy encampment Grantebridgescire. Find the keyholder with your raven and clear enemies. The chest is inside.

Varin’s Axe is from the Bear skill tree, and Housecarl’s Axe is from the Wolf skill tree. It is not necessary to items from the same skill tree and to limit items to your main skill tree. It does help increase your damage and abilities if you use items that match your equipment or skills.

Dagger: Kopis or Yngling Seax

Daggers are lightweight weapons with lower damage, but makes up for it in maneuverability. Small daggers allow you to move quickly and dodge attacks. The two draggers mention here, the Kopis and Yngling Seax, have decent critical damage as well.

The Kopis is our favorite for daggers. It is part of the Raven skill tree specializing in stealth and has good starting stats. Each critical damage on an enemy restores your health. It is given to you after completing Storming the Walls.

In contrast, the Yngling Seax is a dagger found earlier in the game in a restricted area in Eikundarsund located in Rygjafykle. It’s in the main building, guarded by a Woe-Bringer. Kill him and his lower health guards to access it. As an earlier weapon, the base stats are pretty low, and you’ll need to upgrade it to bring the best out of it. Yngling Seax increases damage after each successful dodge, improving its somewhat poor starting damage. Daggers work well with dodge focused playstyles, making this weapon a good choice.

The Kopis’ health restoration and Yngling Seax’s damage buff make a good combo for dual wield enthusiasts. 

Flail: Spinning Death

As far as one-handed weapons go, flails are on par with bearded axes. Flails have lower speed, higher stun, and higher damage than bearded axes but similar weight. The Spinning Death is a good flail. There are others with higher starting stats than the Spinning Death, but the effect is where the weapon shines. Another weapon that’s part of the Raven skill tree will benefit you if you prefer that skill tree or other equipment. The Spinning Death has a chance to drop a firebomb after heavy finisher hits. You’ll need to use more heavy attacks to get the firebomb, but it is worth the effort.

Hammer: Blacksmith’s Hammer or Mjolnir

Hammers are heavy, one-handed weapons that offer strong stun damage, and are similar to flails in their niche. Heavy and slow, Hammers aren’t for the player that aims for speed and dexterity, but for those who like the extra stun chance on enemies.

Blacksmith’s Hammer is an promising early game weapon that has one rune slot when starting out and good starting stats, especially the 95 in stun. Heavy critical attacks with this weapon will knock enemies on the ground.

You can find the Blacksmith’s Hammer at Bodilsburg Garrison in Lunden. The Garrison is east of the city. Use your raven to find the key holder, kill him, and loot the chest on the upper floor.

It wouldn’t be a Viking game without Mjolnir. The Hammer of Thor himself can be obtained only after getting all of Thor’s set. It has promising speed and powerful attack and stun with three rune slots. Every hit done with Mjolnir has a chance to do stun damage to all enemies.

Best two handed weapons

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Two-handed weapons are heavier than one-handed weapons. These weapons take both your main hand and offhand slots. You can dual wield with heavy weapons if you advance the Bear skill tree and unlock Heavy Dual Wield. Until then, you can only equip one weapon.

Dane Axe: Sepulcher Axe

Dane Axes are slow weapons that hit hard, and their stun and attack stats are often high. They are two-handed weapons and can be used to block or parry. The downside to Dane Axes is their weight and speed; they’re slow and heavy weapons.

The Sepulcher Axe shines among Dane Axes. Found in a church encampment in Ledecestrescire, the Sepulcher Axe is a good late-game weapon and is not accessible until Tilting the Balance. You can reach the area early, but, as we discovered, you cannot reach the weapon until the story progresses. Its beginning stats are somewhat low for the weapon type, but the effect is powerful. After critical hits, the weapon will ignite for five seconds. It has a ten-second cooldown between effects, but the added damage is worth it.

Greatsword: Excalibur

Greatswords are faster than the Dane Axes with slightly less weight. They’re still slow with big sweeping arcs but deal some impressive damage. Plus, it is arguably the best weapon in the game is in this category.

It’s no surprise that the legendary Excalibur is a good weapon. It takes a lot of effort to get. You have to collect tablets found throughout the map and some from killing enemies. It is a late-game weapon, but it has amazing starting stats and an even better ability attached to it. Following critical hits and heavy finishers, Excalibur will blind enemies around you. It has three rune slots for the ultimate customization.

Spear: Fafnir’s Fang

Spears are two-handed weapons with good critical damage and speed. They lack damage in stun and base attack, but they are the fastest weapons in the two-handed category. Enemies with spears are the most annoying due to their quick block abilities and reach.

Fafnir’s Fang is Erik Loyalskull’s weapon and can be obtained after defeating him. He is accessible very early in the game, although he might be too strong for you at the beginning. We shied away from fighting him due to his high health and damage. He is located close to the Fafnir’s Fang has one of the best effects in the entire game: critical damage increases when surrounded by three or more enemies. The weapon gains additional bonuses with four to five enemies, and the bonuses stay active for ten seconds when not surrounded.

Best shields

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Shields are technically not weapons, but as they are equipped like weapons, they are included. Shields are useful for blocking and parrying attacks. Heavy shields will take less of your stamina but will slow you in the process. Smaller shields rely on better timing and will take larger chunks of your stamina meter.

Heavy Shield: Sarcophagus Shield

The heavy shields in the game are not as diverse or as versatile as the light shields. The majority of them buff heavy damage based on blocking or how long you stay in block stance. One of the more unique ones is the Sarcophagus Shield. After a successful parry, it has a chance to create a small fire around you. According to Reddit, it can be found in Shropshire during the mission Dhustone Quarry.

Light Shield: The Morrigan’s Guard

The best light shield is Morrigan’s Guard, both due to stats and ability. A successful parry with the Morrigan’s Guard has a chance to spawn a poison cloud. According to Reddit, the shield can be found in a burial mound in Glowecesterscire. The shield is one of the best ones for its high stats and poison effect and one of the better-looking ones.