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Best weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon

We didn't know a cat could be this powerful.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a roguelike action RPG and a dating sim, in which the weapons you use are actually the people you date in the game. However, there are only a few that can be called the best weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon, despite their good looks and charming personality. Here are the top four in alphabetical order.

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Pocket (Brass Knuckles)

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Pocket might just be a cat, but in battle, it’s an absolute monster while dunjing. The brass knuckles are the quickest weapon in the game. You’ll be able to pummel your opponents quickly, and that is extremely important as Boyfriend Dungeon tends to swarm you a lot. Plus, Pocket’s AOE attack has such a wide range and dishes out a lot of damage in one fell swoop. This cat can bring the pain, and your fears should be wary.

Rowan (Scythe)

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Rowan might not be much of a talker, but they more than make up for it with their scythe form and their awesome abilities. His attacks are fairly rapid, and the sweep of the scythe covers a wide space, making them perfect for dealing with swarming enemies. Their ability also has a gravitational effect, so you can pull the fears towards you; it also helps that its strength is high.

Sawyer (Glaive)

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Sawyer may be adorkable in person, but they can be very helpful in battle as well. Just don’t ask them to cook anything for you. Their weapon is the only one that can be thrown, which is very helpful against bosses that constantly barrage you with strikes. You can attack from far away. Another added bonus is that the glaive can immobilize incoming fears to the ground when thrown, so they can be held into place and you can strike for an extended period of time. Sawyer also has an effective AOE attack that can be utilized at the end of a successful three-hit combo. In addition, Sawyer’s weapon in combat has a similar wide-ranged standard attack to Rowan’s.

Seven (Lasersaber)

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While Seven isn’t handling his oodles of K-Pop fans, he can be one of the most powerful weapons in the game. His weapon is a lasersaber, a sword that can deal lightning damage to your opponents. The lightning that is emitted can also be chained to other enemies surrounding the one that Seven is striking. The lasersaber’s attacks are snappy, and his powerful AOE can help you manage the pools of enemies in front of you in cramped areas.

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