All new weapons in Boyfriend Dungeon’s Secret Weapons DLC, and how to get them

More date mates for the polyarmorous folx out there.

Image via Kitfox Games

Not every game can say that it added new boyfriends as DLC, but Boyfriend Dungeon from Kitfox Games did just that with the Secret Weapons update. Featuring three new dateable weapons, the Secret Weapons DLC is free and playable for both players who have finished the main story and for anyone starting the game for the first time. Get ready to go out with Jonah the Axe, Leah the Hammer, and eventually, Dr. Holmes the Whip.

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How to unlock Jonah the Axe

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You may remember encountering Jonah in the main story; he’s your cousin Jesse’s ex, and the two are still on pretty good terms. Jonah, unfortunately, left the main story right after meeting him at a barbeque, but with the promise of a reconnection.

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Luckily, you’ll receive a text from Jonah saying that he’s back in town early. Meet him at Capulet Beach for your first date. After your first date with Jonah, you can use his axe transformation in dunj gameplay.

How to unlock Leah the Hammer

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Leah was best known for her figure skating around Verona Beach before a career-ending injury, and now she owns The Cutting Edge gym. You’ll find her in Verona College on the fourth level (Semester 4 of 8), having been kidnapped and stuck in hammer form.

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You can access the Verona College dunj after meeting Samantha, Jesse’s fiancé. After going on your first date with Leah at The Cutting Edge, you can use her hammer form in battle.

Can you wield Dr. Holmes the Whip?

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The analytical Dr. Holmes (she/they) is an interesting case, beginning as a playful antagonistic figure and serving as the final boss in the DLC’s new dungeon. It’s also worth mentioning that this character was created by game developer Ikumi Nakamura. You’ll encounter them in the final level (FINAL EXAM) of Verona College, where you’ll engage in a multistep boss fight.

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After your first fight, whether you win or lose, you’ll be able to go on dates with Dr. Holmes starting at The Cutting Edge and increase your Love Rank up to 6, like any other dateable weapon. However, despite your personal connection and flirtations, Holmes is very adamant about not being wielded by anyone — yourself included.