Best Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes

Boost your deck with these packs.

Image via Konami

If you’re looking to get ahead on building your deck in Yu-Gi-Oh, then a booster box may be just what you need. These collections of cards will give you a lot of cards, many of them good, to help bolster up your deck. There are many options to choose from when it comes to booster boxes, and we have narrowed down our list of favorites right here for you.

Battles of Legend: Light’s Revenge

Arguably the best booster pack in the game, our list starts off with the Battles of Legend: Light’s Revenge. There are eighty cards that this pack will pull from, and they are, a minimum, of the super rarity.

Battle Pack 3: Monster League

With this booster pack, you will get a guaranteed 36 shatterfoil rares. It also brings a specific rule that all monsters in the pack are all types, which broadens the number of strategies you can run with it.

Breakers of Shadows

Some of our favorite cards are in this pack, and it is highly-coveted by both collectors and players alike. It comes with ninjas, dragons, swordsmen, and more. You also can get a guaranteed foil in every single pack you open from it.

CCG: Pendulum Evolution

This pack comes with many cards commonly seen among the most competitive players in the game, and many of them are so overpowered that they have been banned from competitive play. This pack will bring you some truly great cards that will absolutely elevate your deck.

Destiny Soldiers

You really should consider getting this pack as it is jam-packed full of super and secret rares. You can take many of these cards and put them into just about any deck you have, and they will take it up another level.

Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series

A culmination of a series of booster boxes, the Dragons of Legend: The Complete Series gives you eight boxes of two-pack each, with every one of them giving you something powerful to have in your deck.

Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World

You will be hard-pressed to get your hands on one of these packs as they are now discontinued. However, if you can find one, you will get a blast of nostalgia with some cards that still hold up after all this time.

Maximum Crisis: Special Edition

This pack will boost your deck with some quality foils and many components of a True Draco deck. Better yet, it is offered in smaller quantities, which means less spending. However, it’s not great for brand new players who are just getting started.

Shadow Specters: 1st Edition

This is one of the older booster packs that you can get right now that will reasonably improve your deck. It comes with the chance for plenty of rare and holographic cards, and even many of the common cards can sell for a good price. While maybe not bringing anything mind-blowing, it gives you a lot of quality choices.

The Dark Illusion: 1st Edition

Coming with Shiranui Solitaire and Pot of Desires, this pack can help you create a really great Zombie deck. It also brings good support cards for anyone trying to run a Magician-centric deck.