Binding of Isaac Repentance Item Guide – Bag of Crafting

Random goodies.

The Bag of Crafting is a new item that was added to the Binding of Isaac with the Repentance DLC. It is an unusual item, allowing for players to randomly craft items based on pickups.

Players can use the Bag of Crafting to swipe items that are on the floor. While the swipe attack can be used on enemies, it will knock them back, but not do much damage. Swiped items are added to the bag, and then cannot be dropped. The bag has room for 8 items in total, and when it is full, the bag will show a preview of the item that can be made.

Players can then choose to either make the item, or continue to swipe items and pick them up, adding them to the bag. If they do this, the first item that they picked up will be removed and everything else will be shuffled forward one place. Swiping another items means the second item they picked up, not in first place, will be removed, and so on.

Players cannot make items that they have yet to unlock, and attempting to do so will result in a Breakfast being made instead. This will then heal a full Heart Container.

(this guide is under construction)