Binding of Isaac Repentance Item Guide – Member Card

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Image via Edmund McMillen

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The Member Card is a new passive item that was added to Binding of Isaac in the Repentance DLC. To unlock the card, players will need to spend 40 coins in a single shop. This must be done in one shop, and cannot be spread across different shops. Players eager to get the Member Card on their runs will need to hoard their coins.

After getting the Member Card, a new trapdoor will spawn in all shops that gives access to a new shop which will sell between 2 and 5 additional items. These trapdoors will spawn even if Greed or Super Greed has replaced the shops, but will not open until they are defeated.

These can be the following items:

  • Trinkets for 15 coins
  • Items from the Secret Room, Devil Room, Angel Room, or Boss Rooms for 15 coins
  • Cards/Runes for 7 coins
  • Black Heart/Bone Heart for 8 coins

The Trinkets can be any Trinket in the game, but players will need to have access to the relevant DLCs for Trinkets from those DLCs to appear.

Depending on the items that appear from the Devil and Angel rooms, they can cost up to 50 coins, and Secret Room items can max out at 100 Coins.

Items can be rerolled, but will always result in an item from the same pool, after the initial generation of the room and the relevant item pools, they will not change.