Biomutant crossroads decision – should you pick Dark Red or Light Blue?

Light, or Dark?

At the very start of the Biomutant campaign players will need to make a decision that will set the tone of the game in many ways. They will come to a crossroads, and the narrator will tell them that they need to pick a color. Players will need to pick between Dark Red, for “strength and power”, and Light Blue, for freedom and loyalty.

What makes the decision interesting is that you have little indicator as to what the game is actually going to do with this choice. The decision you are making is basically the first step on the road of Biomutant’s karma system, called Auras. While the Dark Red is set up to represent the bad side, and Light Blue is set up to represent the good side, you can technically pick whatever you want, and then just switch for the rest of the game if you like.

At various points in the game you will be able to make decision or dialogue choices that impact your Aura, earning points for either Light or Dark. As you earn more points in either direction, you get access to new dialogue and decisions that you can make.

The main thing that is actually hidden away behind this morality system are a small number of powers that you can only get if you have enough points in either a Dark Aura or a Light Aura, so it is nothing too dramatic.