How to change frequency of narrator and gibberish in Biomutant

Ahhh, peace and quiet!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Biomutant has a unique feature that has the narrator describe your journey to you, and while his voice sounds great, his delivery often comes across as forced or repetitive. Thankfully, there’s a way to lower the frequency of how much he says alongside the gibberish from other characters during gameplay.

How to silence the narrator

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve had enough of the Englishman saying critical hit over and over again, there is an option for you. Pause the game and press the right trigger (or click) to toggle over to the audio menu. From there, scroll down to the frequency tab. Below, a scroller lets you bring the narrator’s rantings down to 0 or up to 100. You can also do this with the gibberish from NPC’s. Be aware this doesn’t affect the cutscenes as the narrator translates what each character in Biomutant says.

Why we’d suggest not putting it down all the way

While frustrating in parts, the narrator can give you interesting pieces of lore as you explore the world. He’s able to give you the context you need to push forward. Aidan O’Brien said in his Biomutant review for Gamepur, “The constant narration is charming, grounding players in the story even if it has been two hours since they have done anything even remotely story related.” Perhaps, after reading this, you should bring it down to 15-20 rather than the default 50 as a compromise.