What is the best resistance to have in Biomutant?

Growing a thick skin.

When making a character in Biomutant, players will come to a portion asking them to set resistances to specific environmental hazards such as radiation, heat, and biohazards. If you are wondering which the best resistance to have in the game, this guide will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

First, despite being able to set resistances for four different hazards, there is a fifth one in the game that you are likely to discover before any of the others. Hypoxia is a general lack of oxygen in an area, and you will need to find a way to overcome the effects of it. Luckily, the Mekton robot allows you to become completely immune to Hypoxia while you are inside it.

Secondly, there are a number of ways to build up resistance to these hazards in the game:

  • Armor – all armor pieces will offering a degree of resistance to different hazards, and stacking armor pieces will allow you to develop a lot of resistance. It is entirely possible to hit 100% resistance to a specific hazard just from randomly collected armor.
  • Special quest armor sets – the first time you come in contact with any hazard you will get a quest that can lead you to a special armor set that gives complete resistance to that set. You can then save that in the outfits tab and put it on at any time.
  • Biopoint – you can earn Biopoints by killing certain enemies or opening special glowing chests, these Biopoints can be spent on various aspects of your character, including resistances.

As such, which one you max at the start doesn’t really matter so much, as you cannot develop resistances to the hazard you are likely to encounter first, and the rest can all be overcome with searching and patience.

For players looking to min/max however, there is a good strategy. If you put ALL your resistance points in to Biohazard and then visit a Biohazard zone when you have enough armor to hit close to 100%. If you get into water in a Biohazard zone it will clean you off, allowing you to explore. Best of all, Biohazard zones are the best places to find Biopoints, which you can then use to increase your other resistances if you wish.