Bleach Eternal Soul codes (January 2022)

Kickstart your Bleach journey with free rewards.

Image via Efun Games

Bleach Eternal Soul lets players take on the original plot of the anime and essentially recreate it. There are more than 100 characters available from the original anime, which players can pick to progress in their adventure. Furthermore, there are codes present for the game that players can use to claim free in-game rewards.

How to redeem Bleach Eternal Soul codes

To redeem codes in Bleach Eternal Soul, simply launch the game and select the gear icon to open the settings menu on the top right corner. Scroll down the options and choose the Redeem one. Finally, enter the code and claim the corresponding reward.

Working Bleach Eternal Soul codes

  • 2KZ3JNS0
  • TOSN1113

Expired Bleach Eternal Soul codes

  • 5Y6H8VKK 
  • Rangiku0929
  • 1G27878Z 
  • 0814SHUHEI
  • 0823KOMAMURA
  • 0828DORDONI
  • 0831RENJI
  • 0903ORIHIME
  • 0908HACHI
  • 0909URURU
  • 0910GIN
  • 4EY750VI
  • A12TL56Y
  • GESH63JF
  • RCOBH7F7
  • IURE3J4P
  • 0730KENSEI
  • 0731GRIMMJOW
  • QO2WX9NZ
  • 0715ichigo
  • 0711KYORAKU
  • 48Y8QENI
  • BLEACHMonday