Tips To Easily Defeat Blood-Starved Beast In Bloodborne

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In the previous part Bloodborne Part 4 Walkthrough, you had fought with Vicar Amelia at the Grand Cathedral. In this part, you will be heading towards Blood-starved Beast at Church of the Good Chalice. The beast has three phases of attacks that will appear as you keep damaging the health. Dodging fast is the best thing you can do to avoid dying. The beast is weak against fire, Molotov Cocktail, Flamesprayer weapon or Fire Paper can increase damage output. Using firearms you can stagger the beast and block his attacks. Using Pungent Blood Cocktails you can lure the beast towards the place where you want it to land. The beast can inflict poison to avoid getting much damage from it you can use Gascoigne’s Cap, Gascoigne’s Garb, Gascoigne’s Gloves, and Gascoigne’s Trousers. This costume can be purchased using insight from Hunters Dream.

Blood-starved Beast Walkthrough

Blood-Starved Beast Walkthrough

The best can be found in Old Yharnam, inside the Church of the Good Chalice. It is located at the very bottom in a valley. You will be facing Blood-starved beast at this location. Before reaching the Church you will have to wander and explore the area for items that can be used for crafting later on in Hunter’s Dream. The beast is boss in Church of the Good Chalice, while you can face him at three more locations. One is at Hunter’s Nightmare inside a card cave in the blood river. The beast will appear as a mini-boss without multiple stages. You will also encounter it as Hintertomb Chalice, his attacks will be mostly Phase 3 attacks and killing it will drop Lower Hintertomb Chalice. The last place you will fight with the beast is at Ailing Loran Chalice, killing it will drop Ailing Loran Root Chalice.

Tips To Defeat Blood-Starved Beast:

The beast uses a lot of frontal attacks, and in later stages, the attacks can also cause poison. It can also grab you and cause massive damage. There are three phases of attacks listed below.

How To Defeat Phase 1: Blood-Starved Beast

At the initial phase, the beast will use forward charging attack. You can dodge it. When the beast raises its right arm to try a gunshot to stun the beast. Then you get a chance to perform a visceral attack on its head. During this phase the beast will be a bit slow, you can take benefit of the speed and cause damage by shooting or by throwing a knife.

How To Defeat Phase 2: Blood-Starved Beast

In the second phase when the beast lost a chunk of its health, he will scream. It will still use the charge attacks but with more speed and will try to grab you which can inflict poison. If you see it coming close to you dodge away to avoid the attack.

How To Defeat Phase 3: Blood-Starved Beast

In the final phase when only the last portion of its health is left it will scream once again. You have to maintain a good distance as the beast will have a permanent poison aura, if you stay near you can be affected by it. But if you have an Antidote then you can try attacking from near. Try to dodge to a safe distance after every attack. this time you will get a very small window to attack the beast. Try to stagger the beast as much as possible.

Once the beast is dead you will get 6,600 Blood Echoes and Pthumeru Chalice. This is where the fight with Blood-starved Beast ends. You can read our walkthrough on the next part where you will face The Witch of Hemwick, or you can refer our Bloodborne Wiki guide for more updates on the game.