How To Fix Old Beta Save Files Corrupting First Save Bug | Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

The highly awaited Castlevania-style adventure Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been released today on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). First impressions of the game have so far has been good, receiving some high praise for its fantastic art style, animation, and fighting mechanics.

But there has also been a confirmation that the game is experiencing a known issue with players and using their Beta save files during their first playthrough on the retail release, where the files are corrupted, and it doesn’t allow you to continue on it. It appears to occur when overwriting an existing Beta save and then coming back to it, at which point it shows that it has corrupted and it cannot be used to continue.

It is something that has been confirmed in a post on the Steam Community forums. This should mean that the game’s issue will be ironed out over the next few days as the dust settles upon the release.


Which platforms are affected is currently unknown though it’s possible that issues exist on all of them, you can’t be expected to wait for the fix of your new game, of course. With this in mind, there is a way around this issue which has been confirmed to work for now, at least until the fix has been issued.

To make sure that you don’t lose your progress on your first playthrough of the game from Beta saves, ensure that you save the game to a new slot when starting with the full release of the game.

If you want to play this safely, you can use a new slot each time you want to save your progress to ensure that you can keep your progress until the issue has been confirmed to be fixed before saving over the old beta file. On consoles, you are given a large number of slots with which to keep track of your progress, though the issue should be OK if you save it to a new slot the first time opening up the game.

We hope that this provides a solution to you potentially losing progress on your first playthrough of the new release title. We would recommend keeping track of the official Twitter page for the game to keep up with any updates about fixes to Beta game save files and ensure that you have a smooth first playthrough.