Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Escher Sniper Boss Guide

Escher is tough for a second boss. We’ll cover how to topple him in a fast and pain-free way. Let’s get started!

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There’s never a wrong time to break up the gameplay loop with a fun boss battle. Bombrush Cyberpunk brings back the feels with an entire lineup of exciting boss battles. By the time you reach Escher and his crazy long sniper, you should be more comfortable with the controls, but the match can be tricky if you’re still trying to find your grove. We’ll go over how to safely get to the boss locations while avoiding police squads and bullets.

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How To Beat Escher Sniper Boss – Phase One

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After the excellent cutscene introduction, you’ll immediately be thrown into the action with the sniper target underneath your feet. You’ll want to escape that spot, so please use it now if you have boost energy left. Just move straight towards the rails and hop on until you grind to the other side of the rail

You’ll see Escher aiming at you, so be cautious as you jump on top of the platform for your counterattack. This part is simple, just hit (or spray) him once to trigger another cutscene. If you knock him off, just follow him down and tag him. An alternate way to get to him is to hop on the platform across from him and move along the skinny platform marked “4”, but let’s be honest, that’s not nearly as cool.

How To Beat Escher Sniper Boss – Phase Two

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After another cutscene, you’ll immediately be greeted by some reinforcements carrying snipers as well. You’ll want to avoid them while going back up the same rail you used for the first phase, and this time instead of grinding to the right, move towards the left and jump on the furthest platform. You’ll see him aiming at you from a secured location, but all you have to do is jump to where he’s at. Hit or spray him one good time to proceed to the next cutscene.

How To Beat Escher Sniper Boss – Phase Three

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After the cutscene is finished, you can start making your way towards the other side of the zone. There are multiple ways to get there, but you can use the same grinding spot from the starting point, but this time when you reach the top of the stairs, follow the path to the left to get to the other end. You’ll see him on top of one of the buses. Just jump on and hit (or spray) him again.

How To Beat Escher Sniper Boss – Phase Four

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The final in-battle cutscene will play, and you’ll find yourself moving further back once again. Just move directly across from where he was standing before (on the bus) and go up the stairs near the arcade. There are some stairs to the left of the arcade where you can grind on the rail.

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Once you get close enough, jump and spray him to send him packing back to headquarters. You’ll see one final cutscene, and afterwards, you’ll be able to proceed on your way. But not before patting yourself on the back for a job well done! Be sure to check out our guide on turf wars, if you want to be prepared for future battles.