Most Anticipated Indie Games Releasing in Fall 2023

We’re getting a bunch of gaming gems this fall. Here are some Indie titles that are making a big push off the heels of a great summer lineup.

Sea of stars

Image via Sabotage Studio

It’s been a promising year for gaming in general. We’ve been met with some big releases so far, and the amount of quality games has risen compared to previous years. Fortunately for us, this year is just getting warmed up, and the best is yet to come, as some of the more anticipated games are right around the corner.

With all that being said, Indie games and their fans are pushing on stronger than ever. We’ve already seen sequels to popular titles such as Darkest Dungeon and My Time at Portia, along with ports of modern classics such as Pathfinder and Pillars of Eternity. Now we look forward to the next chapter of indie games, whether they be sequels or new IPs. Here are our picks for the most anticipated upcoming Indie games releasing in Fall 2023 and beyond.

Bombrush Cyberfunk – Switch, PC (August 18)

Image via Steam

It’s been a while since we’ve had a sequel to Jet Set Radio. Unfortunately, the status of that sequel is still in flux, but Reptile Games has heard the call of anguishing fans looking for something to fill that void. Bombrush Cyberfunk has everything we’re looking for in an action skater, including fast-paced action, memorable music, and constant dancing in between. Oh! Did we forget to mention tagging the walls with beautiful and creative artwork? The memory of Jet Set Radio lives on.

WrestleQuest – PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (August 21)

Image via Steam

Anybody that’s into pro-wrestling or turn-based RPGs should consider WrestleQuest. Skybound Games have really found a unique combination of wacky themes and accessible gameplay that may appeal to fans who are unfamiliar with either genre. The game also features real-life pro-wrestlers such as Jake the Snake and Andre the Giant, so expect some epic trash talk and battles both inside the ring and out.

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Blasphemous 2 – PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (August 24)

Image via Steam

As the sequel to the very successful Blasphemous, Blasphemous 2 aims to be bigger and better in every way. Metroidvania games have seen a full resurgence over the years with the release of titles such as Bloodstained and Metroid Dread. Wall-jumping and slicing through enemies never gets old, and the developers of these types of games are taking advantage of that idea. Hopefully, The Game Kitchen can deliver on the sequel.

Sea of Stars – PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (August 29)

Image via Steam

For fans looking for a throwback JRPG classic, Sea of Stars is launching soon to bring another memorable classic to the nostalgia vault. As with most JRPGs, the graphics won’t rival that of AAA games, but the sprite artwork is beautiful and clean for an Indie title. The combat is turn-based, with plenty of customization, so choices will once again be crucial for those looking for a deeper experience. Did we mention the return of legendary composer Yasunori Matsuda of Chrono Cross and Xenoblade fame?

MythForce – PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (September 12)

Image via Steam

The developer, Beamdog, describes this game as a video game version of a Saturday morning cartoon, and from the looks of it, that is a great comparison when it comes to the choice of art design. But fortunately, that’s the only comparison you can make because Mythforce is one hundred percent Roguelike. All the trappings of the genre are present, including multiple playable characters, an endless swarm of enemies, and completely random floors. Hopefully, the multiplayer is fun because games like these are legendary when sharing the experience with friends.

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Deceit 2 – PS5, Xbox, PC (September 14)

Image via Steam

Party games are the current wave when it comes to visibility and success. Fall Guys can be considered a mega-hit due to the combination of competition and interaction that’s possible when pitting friends against friends. Deceit 2 looks to borrow from this model, and from what we’ve seen, the development team World Takers is taking the concept to the next level. The crux of the game involves players investigating their teammates to find out who is infected with a deadly disease.

Lies of P – PS5, Xbox, PC (September 19)

Image via Steam

Most people don’t like to be called a liar, and the protagonist of the upcoming Lies of P is no exception. Pinocchio has seen some upgrades since his last visit, and now he’s looking to discover the truth as he hacks and slashes his way through a large cast of crazies in funny masks. Graphically, the game looks amazing, and that quality is also shown in the game’s combat. For those looking for a soulslike experience, Neowiz may have something to offer.

Eternights – PS5, PC (September 21)

Image via Steam

When it comes to Dating Sims, some gamers can feel a bit icky due to the poor handling of the entire romancing system, but Studio Sai is making a concerted effort to get it right. Eternights aims to mix the best part of dating sims with a bit of hack-and-slash gameplay in an attempt to keep the players engaged. Everything looks promising so far, and the mix of life-sim elements into the fold may capture some of the magic we’ve seen in projects like Persona 5.

My Time at Sandrock – PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC (September 26)

Image via Steam

My Time at Sandrock has a release date! The much-anticipated sequel to the cozy hit My Time in Portia has been in early access for a while now, and players are looking forward to a feature-complete product from Pathea Games. Where do we start? This game offers everything you’re looking for in a game, including exploration, building, farming, combat, and other minigames. It also has multiplayer for those looking to share these experiences with friends. This one is a can’t-miss for fans of the genre.

World of Horror – PS5, Switch, PC (October 19)

Image via Steam

The last game on this list is a change of pace from the previous ones. World of Horror is obviously horror-themed, but it offers a subtle twist on the genre with the addition of rogue-lite and turn-based elements. The developers boast that every decision is punishing, so players who are familiar with similar games may find another home here. You may notice that the graphics and art style are retro to the fullest extent, so if what you see offends your eyes, you should explore similar titles in the genre.