Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – How to Win Turf Wars Easily

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is finally here, and now that we’re snatching turfs from rival gangs, there are some questions on how to do it right.

Image via Team Reptile

For every Jet Set Radio fan out there, Bomb Rush maneuvers is a return to form to the good old days of cel-shading, funky dances, and graffiti tagging. The difference is that players are more responsible for gathering points from the various tricks and maneuvers characters can do. Now enter Turf Wars, the final culmination of earning a new borough for the Bomb Rush crew. In this guide, we’ll go over a simple tactic to make gathering points much easier.

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What is a Turf War?

Screenshot by Gamepur

A turf war is the final stage before getting a new borough for your crew. Getting there is a journey, but the ends justify the means. Each turf battle is pretty much the same, with the expected caveat of rising difficulties as you progress to each enemy crew.

The Easiest Way To Get Points

Screenshot by Gamepur

The easiest way to get the points you need is to grind! Hop on the longest rail nearest you and grind. As you grind, pay attention to the corners. Right before you reach them, lean your board to the opposite end using your joystick or keyboard, then quickly push your stick in the opposite direction to lean into the curve.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Remember, you can’t stay in one place for too long, or your point totals will start to decrease. The objective is to keep everything fresh so the Old Heads can appreciate the creativity. To beat the system, try Cess Sliding if the rail is too far by holding the R Trigger or equivalent right before you hit the ground. Afterward, slide to another rail and hop back on before your meter runs out to continue the combo.

Always keep grinding to get the best score possible. It can be a bit difficult at first, but practice makes perfect. Pressing the face buttons can also help you gather points, but it isn’t necessary if you do the trick right. If you can master this method, you’ll be taking over the city in no time while solving all the burning mysteries the game offers. Be sure to check out more indie coverage for upcoming titles.