When is the release date for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? Answered

Summer is the best time for skating anyway.

Image via Team Reptile

With its bright colors, stylish characters, and chunky 3D graphics, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has garnered some attention as an unofficial successor to cult classic Jet Set Radio. Unlike in that franchise, this game will see players riding around town on skateboards and bikes, as well as the skates made popular by JSR. Seeing as it’s been over two decades since the latest release in Sega’s influential alt-skating franchise, there are plenty of people waiting eagerly to try this new take on the formula. After an announcement from developer Team Reptile, it seems like they’ll be waiting a little longer than anticipated.

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When does Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release?

Although the game was originally scheduled to release sometime in 2022, an announcement on Team Reptile’s Twitter feed made it clear that would no longer be possible. It seems this delay is for the best, as the post states that a 2022 release “will not take it to a level where we would personally be satisfied with.” Although a specific release date hasn’t yet been announced, we do know the general time frame that Team Reptile is aiming for. According to the same Twitter announcement, the new release date is planned for sometime in the summer of 2023. This is, of course, not set in stone, and it’s never a big surprise to see another delay pop up down the road.

There are also going to be different answers to this question based on what platform players plan to purchase Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on. According to the Team Reptile’s official website, Steam and Switch versions of the game are planned to release first. Releases on other consoles, however, will be arriving at a later date.